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Scholar Completes PhD from University of Leicester under Higher Education Commission’s Partial Support Programme

Islamabad: Ms. Rizwana Abbasi has successfully completed her PhD specializing in International Security and Nuclear Non-proliferation from the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester, UK. She was conducting her doctoral research under HEC’s Partial Support for PhD Studies Abroad.

Dr. Rizwana has secured an outstanding record during her studies abroad. Her paper entitled ‘The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime – Policies and Regulations Towards Non-Party States’ was selected for an oral presentation at Tucson, Arizona which was attended by 1050 experts from across the world.

Rizwana was again selected to deliver her paper entitled ‘Establishing the New Nuclear Taboo: Pakistan’s Nuclear Behaviour after the Revelation of the A. Q. Khan Case’ at Baltimore, MD, USA.

She has delivered numerous presentations and talks at different global forums and conferences in the UK. She has also delivered a lecture at the Defence Academy of the UK. She also attended a major international seminar on International Security and Terrorism in London hosted by the US Stanley Foundation, the Reuters Foundation and Germany’s Gerda Henkel Foundation.

The seminar featured a panel discussion in which Rizwana joined Bruce Blair and Matthew Brown of the nuclear non-proliferation movement Global Zero on the theme of ‘Preventing Nuclear Terrorism – Is it Possible?’.

Rizwana’s PhD thesis was recommended by the University’s examination board for publication and her book entitled Pakistan and the New Nuclear Taboo: Regional Deterrence and the International Arms Control Regime is forthcoming from Peter Lang Academic Publishing in 2012.

She is currently working on a second monograph which also arises in part from her thesis. She has also received an offer of appointment from National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad.

“I extend sincere gratitude to HEC for all its timely support, without which all my achievements would not have been possible,” says Dr. Rizwana.

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