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Schneider Electric Launches Containerized Power and Cooling Facility Modules for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

Lahore: Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has today announced two new facility module power and cooling solutions for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA).

The new modular units enable data centre power and cooling capacity to be added in 500kW increments, allowing physical infrastructure to be right-sized to the IT load and eliminating a major cause of inefficiency and wasted energy.

With leading power and cooling product brands including APC and Uniflair in its portfolio, Schneider Electric is uniquely positioned as an end-to-end solutions provider to address the need for fast, flexible, easy and predictable data centre solutions.

The new facility modules simplify the process of data centre construction, removing unnecessary complexity as well as saving time, money and other resources involved in field construction and integration Munib Khawaja, Country Vice President for Pakistan and Afghanistan, APC by Schneider Electric said, “Facility modules are a step towards the commoditization of data centre physical infrastructure. Instead of waiting months, customers can expect to deploy additional capacity within weeks.

Because Schneider Electric pre-engineer, configure and test facility modules prior to delivery ensuring reliability and efficiency, site installation is also made simpler and speedier, reducing associated costs and the risk of human error.”

The new integrated systems from Schneider Electric address contemporary data centre challenges throughout EMEA, with solutions that are:

Fast – facility modules are verified for compliance for safety, energy efficiency, compatibility and security, reducing design cycles from months to weeks, installation from months to days, and reducing complexity in the whole commissioning process.

Flexible – facility modules enable infrastructure to be deployed and scaled as needed to meet demand, instead of upfront deployment with no visibility to future needs. These systems can extend the life of current data centres in need of additional power and cooling and can be transported to new locations for reuse at the end of the data centre’s lifecycle.

Easy – facility modules have factory verified operation instead of relying on field testing, have reliable lead times, and are tuned for maximum energy efficiency “out of the box”.

Predictable – facility modules utilise manufactured components limiting product defects and reducing overall design and installation time. The enclosures are purpose-engineered with structural frames to meet data centre requirements – not converted ISO containers. All solutions have software pre -programmed and fully integrated management systems.

These factors combine to make facility modules predictably more energy efficient than typical traditional data centre builds. Other features and benefits for the new solutions include:

Facility Power Modules for EMEA
Incorporate high efficiency modular UPS, which are scalable and fault tolerant
Feature hot-swappable power modules to enable users to adopt a pay-as-you-grow approach to power protection, and minimise MTTR

Segregated Battery Room
Primary and Critical panels
Separate cable chambers to simplify hook-up
Fully integrated cooling system with free-cooling capability
Inert gas fire suppression and aspirating detection system

Modules can be stacked vertically or side by side
Delivery using conventional road transportation methods

Facility Cooling Modules for EMEA
High efficiency chillers
Integrated free-cooling
Wide operating range meeting temperature conditions found throughout EMEA
Stand-by integrated management
Emergency mode operation
Comprise 6x 100kW chillers units to facilitate a scalable approach to cooling
Fault tolerant in N+1 configuration
Parallel buffer vessels for ride-through protection and rapid return to full cooling capacity.
VFD control pumps and fans for efficiency
Chiller modules at N+1 are hot swappable

The new products join existing containerised data centre infrastructure solutions by Schneider Electric including its EcoBreeze™ chilled air cooling module, and specialised power and cooling facility modules for the USA. EcoBreeze™ provides adaptable cooling based on environmental conditions, automatically selecting either indirect evaporative cooling or air-to-air heat exchange, depending on external environments.

White Paper 163 from Schneider Electric entitled ‘Containerized Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centres’ compares the cost of facility modules against traditional approaches to physical infrastructure, presents their respective advantages and disadvantages and identifies which environments can best leverage the facility module approach. The white paper can be downloaded at no cost from the Schneider Electric website.

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