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SAARC parliamentary union must for better understanding and Cooperation needed for regional peace and prosperity: jamali

Islamabad: Deputy Chairman Senate Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali has emphasized the need to enhance Parliamentary contacts within the SAARC Region for generating better understanding and increasing cooperation among countries for ultimate progress and prosperity of the people of the whole region.

SAARC Parliamentary Union is likely to happen in 2nd week of July in Karachi. “These countries of the SAARC Region share commonalities and can learn from each other’s experience for developing their various sectors” Jamali reiterated. Deputy Chairman expressed these views in a meeting with Bangladesh Parliamentarian Mr. Moeen Uddin Khan who met him at Parliament House today.

Jamali added “SAARC region has the potential on the lines of European and indeed only will is needed to bring that transformation about. We as Parliamentarians can play crucial role for this paradigm shift”.

Bangladeshi MP Mr. Moeen Uddin Khan said, “This is first time in the history of SAARC region that all the countries have democracy in one form or other and hence provides excellent opportunity to exploit that potential in the form of SAARC Parliamentary Union. Parliamentarians will be able to play proactive role for uplifting of relations and as well as can provide bedrock for further build-up and explore new avenues of cooperation”.

Responding to a query Moeen said on lighter note that Bangladeshi cricket team will definitely visit Pakistan though Pakistani cricket team is in good shape after 3-0 test series win against England. Talking about success stories of Bangladesh, Deputy Chairman said that Grameen Bank model can be replicated in Pakistan and we can learn from Bangali experience for empowering women and the poor.

Mr. Moeen told Deputy Chairman about women empowerment in Bangladesh particularly in political and economic fields that has liberated Bangali women to be independent decision makers. Bangladesh is now witnessing 1.3% population growth rate equal to that of European countries because of generation of awareness among women and their empowerment.

He told that there are 60000 female members directly elected in local bodies and thousand ladies as vice chairmen Upuchala (sub-districts) and 85000 women workers mostly working in 3rd largest garment industry of the world. Hence, these two factors i.e. a prominent presence of elected women representatives and big presence of women workers has increased their say manifold in all matters.

Jamali lauded Bangladesh for such positive measures and said that Pakistan should follow suit for controlling population via women empowerment and for pacing our economic growth according to the available resources.

Mr. Moeen Uddin and his wife thanked Deputy Chairman for providing such opportunity for interaction with Pakistani Parliamentarians and thanked him for his hospitality. Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh Mr. Mehfooz-ur- Rehman was also present on the occasion. The meeting was attended by Senator Afrasiab Khattak and Senator Haji Adeel (both from ANP) and Senator Dr. Abdul Malik and Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bazinjo (both from BNP), Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, Senator Ghulam Ali, Senator Mr. Col. Mashhadi and his wife and Mrs. Kalsoom Parveen were also present on the occasion.

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