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S.I.T.E. Association shows concern over news of registration of FIR against industrialists in Karachi

Karachi, February 17, 2018 (PPI-OT): S.I.T.E. Association of Industry’s President Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, in a statement to Press and Electronic Media, has expressed concern over news item published today in newspapers regarding registration of FIR against industrialists in Karachi terming it inappropriate stating that the member Industrialists were not afforded a fair chance to clarify their position in matter related to work of Supreme Court- appointed Water Commission.

The member industrialists have informed the Association that neither they were informed through Water Commission that any inspection team will visit their factories nor any intimation in this regard was given in the Press and Media. The member Industrialists against whom FIRs have been registered had informed that they were also not intimated about the visit of Water Commission. Several member industrialists have informed that no inspection team had visited their factories for the purpose.

He added that upon inquiry from several members, Association has been informed that they were out of country. Amid precarious law and order situation, when management left, often visitors are not allowed to factories. In case any inspecting team had visited in absence of Management, to any industry where purportedly access was denied due to security reasons or absence of Management does not tantamount to denial or non-cooperation on part of the member industrialists.

S.I.T.E. Association’s President voiced that through Order of Water Commission dated 16th February 2018 it is evident that the Commission has not ordered the Law Enforcing Agency to register any FIR but instructions were given to serve notices to the owners and CEOs of those industries where reportedly the Magistrates and Govt officials could not visit for inspection due to denied access.

Nevertheless, the Police registered FIRs against several industrialists of Karachi which is highly uncalled-for and inappropriate. The said matter was also reported in the press but it was not elaborated under whose instruction the said FIR’s were registered? Bilwani cautioned that such one-sided actions taken by Police will spread anarchy among the member industrialists who are contributing to the prosperity of the economy.

S.I.T.E. Association’s President was of the opinion that all the Industrialists are patriotic and law-abiding citizens who have high respect for the Supreme Court of Pakistan and have been cooperating with the Water Commission. In fact the industrialists are the soldiers of the economic front who have been battling hard to earn revenue for government to strengthen the national economy and providing millions of employment opportunities to citizens.

President of S.I.T.E. Association of Industry appealed to the Chief of Water Commission Honourable Justice Amir Hani Muslim to take sympathetic view of the situation and understand the matter being faced by the Industry. He also appealed to the Chief of Water Commission to give few moments out of his precious time so that the representatives of the Industrialists may apprise on the said matter of technical nature, situation and circumstances arising out of it.

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