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Role of provincial Ombudsman is remarkable for protection of rights and redress of grievances: Zulfikar Thaver

Karachi, October 30, 2014 (PPI-OT): The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) wishes to inform all SMEs that the provincial ombudsman in the provinces are providing speedy and inexpensive administrative justice to the people at their respective doorstep.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver felicitated Asad Ashraf Malik provincial ombudsman Sindh on his outstanding annual report and said that the role of Ombudsman is remarkable for protection of rights and redress of grievances which, however, need to be widely publicized as common man should know that the Ombudsman is providing free of charge services to the aggrieved persons and he can knock at his door without any legal aid.

Thaver in his article in the annual report of the Provincial Ombudsman Sindh said the quest for justice through the normal courts of law in Pakistan is expensive and time consuming. With the passage of time the process is becoming more complicated and costlier, thereby generating frustration amongst the litigants.The existing judicial system needs reform especially at the lower level for bringing justice within the reach of an ordinary citizen.

But it is easier said than done. To accomplish the task strong commitment and dedicated efforts by the higher judiciary and the government are required. Under the prevailing scenario the Institution of Ombudsman is a ray of hope and relief to those who have suffered due to mal-administration at the hands of government and semi government departments of the province. Strengthening of this Institution, therefore, is the only available solution before the government if public sufferings are to be mitigated.

What distinguishes the Institution of Ombudsman from normal court of law, is its easy accessibility, its informality and procedural simplicity and free of cost provision of justice. He said the Ombudsman entertains all reasonable complaints made to him for redress against mal-administration. There are no barriers to approach the ombudsman who very often personally entertain complaints and inquiries about their problems. There has never been lack of response from the Institution to the complainants.

The procedure for filing complaint is most simple as it could be filed in Urdu, the provincial language or English by the complainant himself or his nominee on a simple piece of paper without involving any legal expert. There is no fee charged for entertaining the complaint and processing the case.

The growing involvement of government departments is affecting the lives of common man which in turn give rise to cases of excesses and abuse of powers by government functionaries in variety of ways thereby generating grievances of different nature. The Institution provides a mechanism for enforcing accountability – a role which is not visible to a common man.

It acts as a deterrent to mis-governance and correction of mal-feasance in government offices. Thaver has urged the micro, small to medium sized entrepreneurs to avail the services of the ombudsman for any grievance of maladministration, misgovernance or malfeasance.

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