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Republicans and Democrats opposed to resolution on Balochistan

Islamabad: During the meeting at the PM’s House here today, US Congressional delegation led by Congressman David Dreier, Chairman, House Democracy Partnership and Chairman House Rules Committee, highly appreciated the leadership of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani in consolidating democracy, civilian governance and rule of law in Pakistan.

On Balochistan, the Congressmen categorically stated that both the Republicans and Democrats as well as the US Government were against the Resolution tabled by an individual at the Sub-Committee level. US supported Pakistan’s security and territorial integrity, the Congressmen said.

The Congressmen agreed with the Prime Minister that the trust deficit should be removed and that the US Congress and Pakistan’s Parliamentarians can play an important role in this regard.

The Congressmen expressed support for the Government’s policy aimed at economic development, addressing the needs of education, health and providing employment to the people of the country.

They also agreed that trade not aid was the way forward to economic development, promotion of education and poverty alleviation enabling them in combating the root causes of extremism and terrorism.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan wanted to have excellent relations with US and it was important to follow a partnership approach based on mutual interest and mutual respect.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan had made numerous sacrifices in the war against terror. The whole nation is united and democratic government has given political ownership to the anti-terrorism campaign.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need for making mutually acceptable strategy to achieve shared goals. He emphasized that the military solution does not provide a permanent solution. Pakistan, therefore, supported the political process leading to political settlement in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said it was discussed in details with Afghan President during his recent visit to Islamabad. It was important that Afghanistan, Pakistan and US were on the same page and worked together to promote mutually national reconciliation, peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has also taken steps to improve relations with India. The Prime Minister drew the attention of the Congressmen to the unilateral action such as the drone strikes which were unacceptable and counterproductive. So, there was need for deep discussion to overcome this created by such strikes, the Prime Minister said.

The people of Pakistan expect US to be mindful and respectful of Pakistan’s national interests and in particular Pakistan’s security and territorial integrity.

The Prime Minister also conveyed serious concerns about the Balochistan Resolution tabled by an individual US Congressman.

The US Congressional delegation included Congressman James Moran, Member House Appropriations Committee, Congressman Joe Wilson, Member House Democracy Partnership House Armed Services Committee, House Foreign Affairs Committee and House Ways and Means Committee, Congressman Adrian Smith, Member Subcommittees on Trade and Social Security, House Ways and Means Committee, Congressman Kenny Merchant, Member Subcommittees on select Revenue Measures, Oversight and Social Security, House Ways and Means Committee, Father Patrick Conroy, Chaplain of the House of Representative and other senior officials.

Minister for Commerce Makhdoom M Amin Fahim, Chairperson BISP Ms Farzana Raja, Secretary Foreign Affairs, Secretary Commerce, Secretary Water and Power and other senior officials were also present in the meeting.

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