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Reference statement of the Federal Law Minister

Islamabad: Reference statement of the Federal Law Minister appearing today in the media, taking exception to the letters of Assistant Registrar (Implementation), Supreme Court of Pakistan addressed to the Speaker, National Assembly and Election Commission of Pakistan, etc, it is clarified that all Court orders, without any exception, are forwarded to the concerned authorities/departments for implementation and compliance.

Accordingly, two orders dated 26.4.2012 passed in the Criminal Original Petition No. 6/2012 in Suo Moto Case No. 4/2010 (Contempt proceedings against Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding non-implementation of NRO judgment dated 16.12.2009 reported as Dr. Mobashir Hassan v. Federation of Pakistan (PLD 2010 SC 265)) were duly communicated to the concerned (including above-mentioned) authorities/departments for action/compliance. This is in line with the Supreme Court Rules 1980 and there is nothing irregular or improper in following this procedure.

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