Punjab’s cabinet approves provision of wheat to KP

Punjab’s Government Spokesperson Atta Tarar has said Provincial cabinet has approved to provide wheat to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and subsidy on ghee in collaboration with ghee mill owners.

Addressing a joint press conference with cabinet members the Spokesperson said the Punjab government has achieved the target of procuring five million metric tons of wheat.

He said the KP government intends to sign an MOU with the Punjab government on purchase of wheat and it is the responsibility of the Punjab government to help the KP government in this regard.

He said the Punjab cabinet decided to sanction 16 billion rupees for the subsidy on flour in the province.

The Minister said the process of government formation in Punjab has been completed and in the second phase cabinet members will take oath tomorrow.

He said Price Control Committees have been revived across the Punjab in order to curb the inflation.

Source: Radio Pakistan