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Punjab University’s policy proved right for not allowing any party hold activity: Spokesman

Lahore: Punjab University spokesman while reacting to today’s saga has said that in the last four years it has been the policy of the current PU administration that it had not allowed any student organization to organize any activity in the past. He said that the current incident has proved that it was a right policy adopted by the administration to maintain academic peace at the campus.

He said that some days ago, Islami Jamiat Talaba and Imamia Student Organization had requested the administration to organize their activities. Islami Jamiat Talaba was allowed to organize its activity with the condition that ISO would also be allowed to hold their activity to deal both the organizations on equal basis. He said IJT did organize its ceremony but come to confrontation on the occasion of ISO’s activity.

He said that yesterday evening, a student organization pasted a poster to organize “Shan-e-Sahaba” conference at the same venue at the same time and later in the night, IJT activists did aerial firing in the hostel area. The university administration realized the gravity of the seriousness of the issue and informed the police administration. The police, realizing sensitivity of the issue, requested the PU administration not to allow ISO to hold their activity to avoid any untoward incident.

Keeping in view the police’s request, the university administration communicated to ISO activists that the permission for the event had been withdrawn and asked them to postpone the event and manage it any other day. But the ISO activists refused to postpone their ceremony. The spokesman said at 10:30am in the morning, both the student organizations tried to hold their activities at the same spot which resulted in the violence.

On one side, there were about 100 armed IJT activists including external elements as well from other academic institutions and on the other side, ISO activists and their sympathizers were around 50-60 in number. Both the organizations were chanting slogans against each other. PU administration and senior teachers realized the severity of the spot and as it could not be managed by the PU’s own security, informed the police who reached the spot instantaneously. But all the efforts to avoid any clash went in vain and both the groups started stoning each other, in which various students were injured.

Senior commanders and important figures of PU security force also sustained injuries in the exchange of stones etc. IJT rascals including Atif Gujjar also kidnapped two members of PU security force, Waqar Sarwar Butt and Abdul Aziz, on gunpoint and took them to an unknown destination.

Later, they released Abdul Aziz but Waqar Sarwar Butt is still in their custody. The spokesman said the episode continued for an hour and the university’s peaceful environment succumbed to this terrorism. The IJT activist also opened aerial firing. The spokesman made it clear that the PU administration would take action against the students according to the rules and regulations who took law into their hand.

He said IJT was responsible for firing incidents and other crimes at the campus. The incident has clarified that IJT had not fulfilled its commitment in this matter as well and the recent incident also showed their prejudices.

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