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Punjab Chief Minister addresses Mammoth Workers Convention in Matiari Sindh

Lahore, May 09, 2018 (PPI-OT): President PML-N and Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that Sindh is the land of sufi saints as well as a wonderful part of Pakistan whose people have played historic role in the creation of Pakistan. The people of Sindh tremendously love their country and have given sacrifices for the motherland. After Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, development was done in the tenure of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto; but during the Zardari era, cruelty has been meted out with the province of Sindh.

Sindh was devastated during the tenure of Zardari and injustice was done with the hapless haris. Instead of ensuring prosperity of haris, Zardari managed to prosper himself alone. Zardari plundered the national resources but made no hospitals for the people of Sindh or any educational institutions. He also created no new job-opportunities for the Sindhis. Zardari even did not provide interest-free loans to the Sindhi haris nor were they provided subsidized fertilizers for their crops.

Time has come to take revenge of all such cruelties meted out with the Sindhis today. I am first Pakistani and then anything else as Pakistan is composed of its federating units. When all the federating units will prosperous then Pakistan will also be developed. If Sindh is not developed then Pakistan will also not be developed, he added. Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif expressed these views while addressing a mammoth party workers convention in Matiari area of Sindh today.

The PML-N president also congratulated the newly elected PML-N Sindh President Shah Muhammad Shah and other office-bearers adding that it is his first public meeting at the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and added that he has come here to deliver a message of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. I have come to say this thing to the crores of Sindhis living from Halla to the Punjab border that election is nearer and if you have accorded an opportunity to the PML-N through your votes then Sindh will be developed like Punjab and Karachi will be transformed as the city of Lahore. Daanish schools and hospitals will be developed in every district of Sindh, he added.

Wonderful roads have been developed with a cost of one hundred billion rupees in the rural areas of Punjab but as much as Rs. 150 billion will be spent on developing such roads in rural areas of Sindh province. He said that he has been deeply saddened to see broken and dilapidated roads as such roads are found everywhere in the province of Sindh. There are neither good hospitals nor high-quality educational institutions like Daanish schools in Sindh and children of poor families are not given stipends for studies. Similarly, patients are not getting CT scan facilities in Sindh.

We have given stipends worth 17 billion rupees to more than 3.5 lakh students of deserving families, he added. Children of poor people who are getting education with the help of these stipends are becoming engineers and doctors. He said that in order to eradicate unemployment, interest- free loans worth Rs. 46 billion have been given in Punjab under “Chief Minister’s Self Employment Scheme.” A large number of boys and girls are getting benefits from this useful project and are earning respectable livelihoods for their families.

Similarly, hospitals have been set up in every district and free of cost quality medicines and facility of CT scan is available in every public hospital. He further said that Zardari has only looted Sindh and Pakistan. Today, Sindh is in dilapidated condition whereas Zardari is prosperous. He said that land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai does not belong to PPP or to the PTI, but it is a land of Pakistan. He added that it is his first public meeting on the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and he has seen the affection and enthusiasm of people and he will come here again and again.

He said that if he will get another chance then he will transform Sindh from the city of Karachi to Kashmoor as like Punjab. He termed Zardari and Bani Gala as one and the same thing and added that they have joined hands now. He said that Zardari says that he will not let anybody snatch away Sindh which I think means that he will not work at all. He said that Zardari looted and took away billions of rupees from the country and nowadays delivering sermons while wearing waist coat regarding formulating PPP’s government and eradicating corruption.

He said that there was no electricity in the country in 2013 when Zardari government came to an end. He said now it is up to the people of Sindh; either they will get rid of Zardari or will they hold his accountability. He said PML-N government under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif worked round-the-clock for getting rid of energy crisis. If we get another chance then electricity will be provided to every goth of Sindh. He said that he will talk to the federal government regarding the issue of shortage of electricity in Sindh. He said that Sindh is his province and Punjab comes after that.

Similarly, Punjab is your province and we have to build Pakistan jointly. He said that courageous decisions were taken by Nawaz Sharif for maintaining law and order in Karachi and gave this responsibility to the rangers. Rangers have fulfilled this responsibility with success. He promised that if he is re-elected then Sindh will be developed as the most prosperous province of Pakistan.

He said that Nawaz Sharif gave lands to haris in 90s for cultivation; similarly, haris will be made owners of lands again. He said that minorities of Pakistan are such sons of this land who have tremendously contributed in the development and progress of the country and constitution of Pakistan provides them complete security and protection. PML-N government has worked tremendously for safeguarding the rights as well as welfare of minorities in Pakistan, concluded the Chief Minister.

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