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Prosperity is not possible without creation of new knowledge: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor

Lahore: Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) organized an orientation ceremony for the newly-admitted students of academic session 2011-12 here at College on Tuesday. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran was the chief guest while College Principal Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarward, faculty members and a large number of newcomers were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran said that only creation of new knowledge would help gain power and wealth and it was also a must to put the country on a path of progress.

While throwing light on PU’s academic developments, he said that PU was spending Rs 4 million in 2007 on research projects while in the past three years, the amount had been increased to over Rs 70 million, which spoke the volume of increasing research activities in the varsity.

He said that in 2007, the number of research publications was 162 and after three years it had increased to 352 in 2010 because of which Punjab University had improved its HEC ranking. He said that before 2007, an average of 41 PhDs was being produced a year but now more than 100 PhDs were being produced annually.

He said that in 2007, only 27 books were published but in 2010, 65 books were published by the faculty members. He said that in 2007, only 29 percent faculty members were PhDs while now over 39 percent faculty members were PhD despite many senior professors had also retired.

He said America was spending 1000 million dollar, China 250 billion dollars and India was spending 48 billion dollars on education while Pakistan was spending less than 2.5 billion dollars, which was not an encouraging figure.

He said that it was shameful that Pakistan stood 187th out of 193 nations who spent lesser amount of GDP on education. He urged the politicians to allocate at least four percent of GDP to education sphere. He said that Pakistan had much talent and lot of natural resources but it was unfortunate our leaders did not recognize their importance. He said the world was a battle-field and collision was unavoidable.

He said the Islam was a course of dominance in the world and knowledge and spiritual values were the centre of power. But unfortunately, he added, Muslims should think what they had been doing with pen and knowledge, about whom there were 750 verses in the Holy Quran.

He said group of rich families had overpowered western countries and put the world on a course of wars for their personal benefits and they forced wars on the humanity. These rich families owned four major banks of America and four big companies. They also have shares in 500 top multi-national companies of the world and now they had an intention to capture the natural resources of Pakistan.

The Vice-Chancellor advised the students to create habit of study within themselves and had a strong grasp over their subjects. He advised them to respect each other and improve own deficiencies and praise others on their abilities.

Earlier, in his welcome address, College Principal Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar briefed the newcomers about the curricular and extra-curricular activities and history of the College. He said this year 9125 candidates applied for entry test of BS programme as compared to 6908 of last year and 3500 students applied for the degree programmes out of which 480 students had been admitted after a tough competition.

He said in 2006, there was one PhD and two MPhil faculty members but now there are 9 PhDs and 25 MPhil teachers in the College and during next three years the number of PhD faculty members would be over 25. He advised the students to maintain discipline in college premises.

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