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Police Arrests Biker Who Went Viral for One-Wheeling With Girls

Lahore Police on Thursday arrested a young bike enthusiast who gained popularity from social media after his videos of dangerous stunts along with girls went viral.

Speaking in this regard, a spokesperson for Lahore Police said that the youngster has been arrested on the orders of DIG Operation, Dr. Abid Khan, who took notice of different complaints against the culprit on social media platforms.

The arrested individual has been identified as Shahnawaz who has confessed to endangering himself and those around him, noted the spokesperson, adding that an FIR against him under relevant clauses of concerned laws has been registered and further investigation is underway.

Never has a generation ever been so obsessed with thrusting into the limelight like gen-z. Easy access to platforms to become an overnight sensation makes matters even worse.

The same is the case with Shahnawaz alias Chota Bacha who became a social media sensation a few weeks ago after he first uploaded a video of him doing one-wheeling and other high-speed manoeuvers along with a girl seated on the bike on his different social media account.

The video garnered hundreds of thousands of views within hours and his following skyrocketed. The popularity and the need to maintain it motivated him to continue his stunts and put himself and others in danger, which unfortunately landed him behind bars.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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