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Permanent suspension of North Atlantic Treaty Organization supply, start of army training demanded in Punjab University senior faculty members’ meeting

Lahore: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, on Monday, chaired a special meeting of deans, heads of departments and senior teachers at the Al-Raazi Hall of Centre for Undergraduate Studies and strongly condemned the NATO aerial strikes on Pakistani check posts in Mohmand Agency, resulting the martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers.

Addressing the meeting, Vice-Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran said the NATO attack was baseless. He said war on terrorism was not our own war but we lost 40 thousand lives and we created a lot of problems for ourselves. He said American writers have also termed the war against terrorism as “drama” and America had been sending its armed forces in various countries of the world.

He said US and Pakistani people were facing the same enemy, which is a group of international bankers. He said US Congress had passed such laws during last ten years, which reflect dictatorship. He said the war in the region was unavoidable according to plan of the US elite and Pakistani people and government should realize this reality and all should prepare themselves in every field. Dr Mujahid Kamran demanded the media cover the “Occupy Wall Street” movement through their own resources in spite of depending on foreign media and they would see how US people were against this rich groups. He said Churchill called the group as “High Cabal.” He said the group of rich bankers wanted to establish “One World” government.

Strongly condemning the incident, the meeting unanimously passed a resolution in which it was said that the meeting considers the incident as an attack and unannounced war on Pakistan’s sovereignty and condemn it in bitter words. It was also said in the resolution that the varsity teachers stand united with the Pakistan armed forces, feel sympathy and fully share the grief of bereaved families.

The teachers fully agreed with the Pakistan’s viewpoint and steps taken after the incident. Especially, resolution said, NATO supply should be banned permanently and there should be no accommodation on this. The faculty members hoped that the government would always speak of the feelings of the nation. The meeting also demanded the CIA, Black Water and other secret agencies immediately stop destructive activities.

And if any official of the agencies is apprehended, must be punished according to law. The meeting said Pakistan did not want war but the war was being imposed on it and demanded that the government should make preparations for this unavoidable war in all the fields so that sovereignty of the country could be ensured at all costs. The meeting also demanded the immediate start of compulsory army training.

The meeting said we did not consider US people as our enemy but the enemy of Pakistani and US people was a small group of international bankers who is the owner of all major banks, oil companies, media corporations and defense industries. The meeting said we stand united with the people of the world against the conspiracies of this group and also appreciate the struggle of Americans against it in this regard.

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