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Pakistan Telecommunication Company to provide country-wide connectivity to National Savings Organization

Islamabad: Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) will facilitate National Savings Organization (NSO) in transforming into an automated and dynamic corporation by providing country-wide connectivity services.

NSO is a key player in domestic debt management arena which manifested by its portfolio over Rs. 1.85 trillion with an extensive outreach to over 6 million valued investors who park their life-long savings in the schemes offered by NSO through its more than 350 countrywide branches.

According to the details, NSO has initially awarded the project to PTCL to establish private, secure, and efficient wide area connectivity (Intranet) of 132 branches across the Pakistan. PTCL will establish connectivity over its highly secure and efficient Internet Protocol (IP) /Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Infrastructure to facilitate NSO in adopting new technologies and working approach. A fail-over solution is devised for NSO where each branch shall be provided with both primary and backup links.

By availing PTCL’s state-of -the-art technologies NSO will be able to provide better services to its investors by extending the outreach to more countrymen in land and abroad, introducing new investment products and advanced working facilities. Furthermore, ensuring business continuity would result in building up stronger relationships with customers.

It goes without saying that rapid development in the financial sector in the country has, besides setting high standards of excellence, made it incumbent upon business leaders to bring about immediate reforms in their organizations’ functioning to meet the challenges posed by the competitive environment.

PTCL has also allocated its technological resources and expertise to NSO to streamline its processes that would, in turn, increase productivity of each employee. It will also make wide-ranging improvements and benefits in areas such as customer experience and retention, cost reduction, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Furqan Qureshi, PTCL’s SEVP, Corporate Services, while elaborating the use and benefits of modern telecom technologies mentioned that PTCL was determined to assist public and private sectors in promoting good governance by providing latest technologies, a wide range of product portfolio, and customized services that were critical for the public, corporate and social sector organizations in Pakistan to meet future challenges and serve their customers in the best way possible.

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