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Pakistan supports a comprehensive reform that would make Security Council democratic in composition: Masood Khan

Islamabad, November 16, 2012 (PPI-OT): Speaking in the General Assembly “On the Report of the Security Council; and Question of equitable representation and increase in the membership of the Security Council” Pakistan’s Permanent Representative, Ambassador Masood Khan said Pakistan supports a comprehensive reform that would make the Security Council democratic in composition, effective in decisions making and accountable to general membership, says a press release received here today from New York.

Pakistan believes that expansion of the Council by adding new electable seats would make it more representative and transparent as well as ensure its relevance to present and emerging global realities, he added.

The ambassador highlighted that reform should not only incorporate contemporary realities but also take into account the likely changes in the future. “Our approach should be dynamic, not static or anachronistic’, he added.

He further said that new seats on the basis of periodic elections would also make the Council more equitable, diverse and plural in terms of representation; as well as more open and accountable to reflect the aspirations of the general membership. “Such a reform model would enhance Security Council’s ownership and increase its credibility”.

Noting Security Council reform remains a contentious process as no single model enjoys the requisite support of the Member-States, Ambassador Masood said that in order to make progress it is essential to explore common middle ground through flexibility and compromises.

He said the reform process could not be held hostage to individual national pursuits of permanent seats through self-serving drafts, which have failed to garner any support. “The divisive tactics, piece meal approaches, showdowns on issues of choice, and claims of majority-minority only prolong the impasse and vitiate the atmosphere for negotiations.

It is time to proceed with the spirit of flexibility, based on agreed principles of General Assembly decision”. In this regard, he said Pakistan believes that unity within the Council would enable it to take effective collective action. “We support efforts to foster consensus and promote cohesiveness in the Council so that we can work for the overarching common objective of international peace and security”.

He further said, in a rapidly changing global geopolitical landscape, Pakistan’s proposal reflects political configuration of the real world, in which a few large States, a number of medium sized States, majority of small States, and regional organizations would also get chance to play their role effectively to promote international peace and security.

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