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Pakistan High Commissioner for United Kingdom Clarifies

London: Pakistan High Commissioner for UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan has clarified news items appearing in the media. Contents of his clarification, received here today, are reproduced below:-

“A section of the media has tried to implicate me in the memo issue by referring to my interviews with various media outlets given soon after May 2 operations.

It may be noted that killing of Osama Bin Laden had led to a media storm while the complete facts of the whole operation were not clear. President Obama’s appreciation for the support extended by Pakistan and our Prime Minister’s felicitation to the Americans for hunting down Al-Qaeda chief the same day had initially created an impression that the operation was an outcome of the shared knowledge and intelligence of the two sides.

It was also in the news that the US intelligence agencies were able to reach OBL while tracking a courier that was tipped off by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Besides, it was a known fact that US intelligence agencies indeed exploited the leads using information provided by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies as well as through interviews of Al-Qaeda’s operatives handed over to the US.

It was within the environment at that time that I responded to the queries of the representatives of the media who approached me.

During my later interactions with the media when complete facts came to light, I had repeatedly mentioned that Pakistan was stabbed in the back because as a coalition partner in the war on terror there was a very close liaison between the intelligence networks of the two countries but the information about OBL’s presence in Abbottabad and the operation to hunt him down were not shared with Pakistan.

It may also be noted that the White House and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had come out categorically that Pakistan did not know about the May 2 operation. It was further revealed that only few and not many in the US Administration were taken on board about the operation. “

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