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Pakistan and China Joint Military Exercise

Rawalpindi: Pakistan – China Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV is scheduled to be held in mid November in Pakistan. The joint exercise, spread over a period of two weeks, is aimed at mutual exchange of experience and information through a comprehensive training programme in real time.

Exercise will encompass techniques and procedures involved in Low Intensity Conflict Operations (LIC) environment. This joint interaction in form of military exercise aims at sharing and enhancing expertise of both armies in countering terrorism.

Exercise YOUYI which literally translates “FRIENDSHIP” between two countries started in 2004. Pakistan Army was the first foreign army to conduct any exercise on Chinese soil.

So far three exercises have been conducted; including two in China and one in Pakistan. These exercises were mandated to boost existing professional relationship between the two friendly Armies.

It may be mentioned here that Pakistan and China enjoy extremely close and brotherly relations since their inception, which have matured and strengthened over the years. The forthcoming Joint Military Exercise YOUYI-IV will certainly pave the way for further cementing the existing bilateral relations between Pakistan and China.

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