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Over 20 users won up to PKR 20,000 in SnackVideo’s #1coreLove campaign, celebrating love in all forms

ISLAMABAD, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SnackVideo has partnered Xiaomi for #1CroreLove, a hashtag challenge that celebrates love in all forms. By documenting or lip-syncing creative admissions of love in daily life with Magic Face and MV tools, SnackVideo hopes to inspire users to create original and fun content of their expressing love to whoever around, using the hashtag #1CroreLove. Winners in the campaign won up to PKR 20,000, not including a Redmi 9T.

The hashtag challenge quickly took off in February, and before long, SnackVideo users tagged over 230,000 videos with the hashtag, and total video consumptive duration exceeded 90,000 hours. This clearly struck a chord with the new generation of young people who are full of expressions of hope and love for their friends and loved ones. This campaign has cemented SnackVideo’s status as the platform of choice for both Generation Z and millennials.

As momentum with the movement grows, users like Umer Ahmed12 and Misswoww, who came in the Top 20 in the challenge, content creators enjoy widespread support and find likeminded members in their communities.

Ahmed said: “I’m very glad that SnackVideo could hold such a campaign so that I can have such a chance to express what I don’t usually say in my daily life to my friends and family. At the same time, I’m excited to know that I could be awarded, this is like an extra surprise to me. Love is beautiful and makes your life bright, so I hope everyone doesn’t hesitate to express your feelings to your beloved ones because it really could bless you.”

They are able to unleash their creativity with various filters and magic tools that allow them to express their true selves to the ones they love.

With the popularity and participation of many youths from all over Pakistan, SnackVideo is at the forefront of a youth movement. The platform provides users with catchy skills and opportunities to create something that they can use to express themselves, as it becomes part of their identities and communities of likeminded and passionate people.

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