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Only land committee allots plots: Punjab University spokesman

Lahore: The Punjab University spokesman has clarified a press conference held by incompetent employees in which some false and baseless allegations were levelled. The spokesman said that the powers of allotment of plots vest in the Land Management Committee appointed by the Syndicate, in which representatives of all the groups are included, through a very transparent process. He said that the Vice Chancellor had no authority of allotting any plot to any teacher or any employee.
The spokesman said further that the PU Syndicate had already taken decision, on Saturday, to give ownership rights of plots to all the previous and in-service teachers and employees and news had also been published in print media on Sunday. But it created tension in the ranks of property dealers who, to misguide employees, held a press conference on Monday to buy files from employees on cheaper rates.

He said the university had dealt and the decision was a mortal blow to the nefarious designs and conspiracies of these property dealers, belonging to a political group with an “ideological” complexion.

He stated that they had illegally bought files of plots of various former and in-service employees after misguiding them but the administration would leave no stone unturned in provision of plots to the original owners and the administration would not let the varsity become a property of any political group. He said that the administration had already dismissed from service one of these property dealers.

An active employee, along with his some accomplices, don’t perform official duties and now with the help of a political group wanted to save his job but the present administration had neither accepted any pressure of any political party in the past nor do in future. The spokesman further clarified that statistics proved that this is present administration who has resolved problems of teachers, employees and students in record short period.

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