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Oman Chief Justice Meets Prime Minister

Islamabad: “Your contribution, Mr. Prime Minister, for bringing peace and stability in Pakistan will be written in golden words in the history as people come and go but history remembers”, said the Chief Justice of Oman, Dr. Ishaq bin Ahmad al Bosaeedi, who is visiting Pakistan as the head of the delegation. He called on the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani here today at the Prime Minister House.

The Prime Minister said that the present democratic government had restored the 1973 constitution as per the vision of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, which was disfigured by the dictators making it neither fundamental nor parliamentary. Its restoration has made all institutions of the State strong, the society and media vibrant and hence the future of Pakistan is bright, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said that he appeared twice in the Supreme Court recently which clearly manifested how in high esteem he held the Judiciary and the rule of law. The Prime Minister said that after his unanimous election as leader of the House, his first action was to order the release of Supreme Court Judges who were confined by General Musharraf in their residences.

The Prime Minister said that it was a matter of immense satisfaction to mention that there was no political prisoner in the country. The Prime Minister said that people were the real source of power after Almighty and it is exercised by the elected representatives of the people for their well being of the country and the people.

The Prime Minister invited the, Sultan of Qaboos, the Prime Minister, Ministers and the representatives of the civil society to visit Pakistan as people to people contacts are beneficial for building relations on durable basis between the two countries.

The Prime Minister highly appreciated the Sultan of Qaboos who had been working faithfully for inter-faith harmony which was closer to the teachings of the religion of Islam.

The Prime Minister thanked the government and people of Oman for looking after the Pakistanis who have been working for the development of the economy of the host country.

The Prime Minister suggested to the members of the delegation to visit the building of Pakistan Parliament as its interior, especially the ceiling, was decorated with calligraphy portraying the names of Allah.

The Prime Minister during the meeting highlighted the commonalities between the two countries in the fields of history, culture and religion, adding that there was a great potential for harnessing the sectors of defence, defence production, infrastructure, agriculture and energy.

The Chief Justice said that the delegation was touched with the warmth and hospitality extended to it by the people and the government, and the members of delegation felt themselves at their second home.

The Chief Justice said that it was the cardinal principle that executive and judiciary should work independently of each other to meet the demands of justice. The Sultan of Qaboos has never interfered in the affairs of judiciary which is working in an enabling environment, said the Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice and the delegation expressed their deep sense of gratitude to the Sharia Court for inviting them to visit Pakistan.

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