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No Protocol Was Extended to Pakistan Muslim League-N Leaders

Islamabad: It is with reference to the Press Conference addressed by the PPP leaders including Dr. Babar Awan learned ASC dated 01.12.2011 wherein it was alleged that the armed security guards accompanied PML-N leaders in the Supreme Court and special protocol was given to them by the Supreme Court administration on 01.12.2011 when the case of Memogate scandal was fixed in the Court.

It is clarified that as per usual practice, all the litigants including the leaders of PML-N entered the Court building through the public reception gate and after security clearance were given visitor cards to enter the Court Room. No one was given any protocol or any special favour as for as entry in the Court premises or in the Court Room No.1 is concerned.

The Security Personnel as well as Court officials on duty are trained and instructed to treat litigant parties and Advocates with dignity and respect without any distinction or discrimination whatsoever. A careful review of CCTV cameras footage installed in the Supreme Court building also revealed that no armed private guards accompanied the PML-N leaders in the Court, as wrongly alleged in the above said Press Conference.

To this extent, the contents of the Press Conference are totally false, misleading and contrary to the facts. We hope that baseless allegations will be avoided in future and the dignity and respect of the apex Court will be maintained.

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