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No compromise on Pakistan’s nuclear programme

Islamabad: While commenting on the remarks made by the former Foreign Minister regarding Pakistan’s nuclear programme in Ghotki yesterday, the Foreign Office Spokesperson stated that it is well-known that in furtherance of the 18th Constitutional Amendments, all powers were transferred to the Parliament and the executive authority is vested fully with the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the National Command Authority (NCA) which consists of the Ministers of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Finance as well as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and the three Services Chiefs is now headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Strategic Plans Division of the National Command Authority is headed by the Director General, who also serves as the Secretary of the NCA.

Besides, the NCA and the Strategic Plans Division, there are also the Strategic Forces Command. These well-established institutional mechanisms are responsible of managing Pakistan’s strategic assets and programmes. We have effective custodial controls.
The Spokesperson further stated that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear weapon state. The National Command Authority meets frequently to review all matters relating to strategic programmes and provide direction for upgrading of our strategic programme to suit Pakistan’s defence requirements.

Our policy of maintaining credible minimum deterrence will be maintained. Under no circumstances can this national programme, which is integral to Pakistan’s defence, be compromised.

The Government, the Armed Forces and above all the people of Pakistan are absolutely committed to this objective.

The insinuations made against the President in the aforementioned remarks are baseless and strongly refuted.

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