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Newly elected Members of Sindh Assembly in meetings with Managing Director Karachi Water Sewerage Board inform him about water supply related problems in their areas

Karachi, June 10, 2013 (PPI-OT): Newly Elected Members of Sindh Assembly Saif Khalid and Humayun Khan in different meetings with Managing Director Misbahuddin informed him about the water supply related problems in their areas to ensure fair provision of water supply in their areas.

On this occasion Managing Director KW and SB speaking to Elected Representatives stated that KW and SB currently face shortage of 400mgd. The resources are already growing scarce due to rapidly increasing population of the city. However KW and SB is striving to supply in all areas fairly.

M.D KW and SB said that in some areas recovery rate is not very good and citizens do not pay the bills which is not much. Although the services are now dependent on recovery from the area but KW and SB is supplying water to all areas including areas where residents do not pay their bills. KW and SB spends the amounts received in bills with caution. He also requested Elected Representatives to encourage citizens to pay their bills.

Talking to MPA Humayun Khan and his delegation, he said that due to low recovery rate KW and SB is under heavy financial burden yet KW and SB is upgrading the system, repairing motors and eliminating leakages on priority basis. He said that the problems pointed out by the elected representatives would be given special attention to with practical steps.

He director KW and SB field officers to resolve the issues by the help and coordination with elected representatives. He also directed them to conduct field surveys to ensure that the problems are resolved swiftly. He directed them to repair all motors and eliminate all line leakages. Furthermore, he ordered them to ensure that all illegal connections are disconnected.

MPA Saif Khalid speaking to M.D KW and SB demanded that water shortage in Orangi Town must be resolved. Water supply is KW and SB’s responsibility and they must ensure supply during summer vacations. Moreover, KW and SB staff must work hard to fulfil their duties and eliminate all illegal connections and hydrants operating in the area and valve operations are improved.

M.D KW and SB directed D.M.D TS to ensure supply in Orangi Town and formulate new water supply schedule. He said that problems identified by the elected representatives must be resolved immediately. Water supply system must be improved by improving valve operations and backup generators must be used during load shedding hours. He said that it is the concerned XEN’s duty to stay in touch with the elected representatives of the area and he would be responsible for shortage in his concerned area.

M.D KW and SB further stated that water supply infrastructure must be strengthen before Ramdan Kareem and all necessary measure must be taken immediately to ensure that citizens of Karachi don’t face water shortage during Ramadan. He said that all ditches must be patched and valve men/field staff duty charts must be updated immediately, any negligence in this regard would not be tolerated.

For more information contact:
Karachi Water and Sewerage Board
Mr. Zahid Mehmood
P.S. Chairman Office
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