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National Disaster Management Authority Shares Revised Response Plan and UN-Pak Assessment Survey

Islamabad: In order to share the details of UN Revised Response Plan and UN-Pak Assessment Survey, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) arranged a Press Conference, the Chairman NDMA, Dr. Zafar Qadir conducted the event. A wide range of media representatives were also present on the occasion.

The Chairman NDMA, Dr. Zafar Qadir elaborated upon the details of UN-Pak Assessment Survey and informed the audience that on the basis of this document, a revised response plan will be launched to ensure comprehensive rehabilitation of flood hit areas.

He said that 5.15 million (4.82 is in Sindh and 0.332 in Balochistan) population was affected by these floods, a total of 800,000 houses were affected including 470,000 damaged and 330,000 destroyed, approximately 9,781 schools are being reported damaged in Sindh (9,250) and Balochistan (571), 1,800 schools which were not damaged, were converted into shelters in Sindh, while the studies of more than 1 million school going children in Sindh and Balochistan were disrupted, 200 health facilities were damaged or destroyed in both Sindh and Balochistan, of which 80 are totally non-functional and the most common health problems reported by community in these areas are Malaria and Diarrhoea. Dr. Zafar Qadir said that 2.28 million acres of crop land was lost and 116,557 cattle heads perished, over 76% (500,000) of families have remained in or returned to places of origin and urgently require shelter in order to start a normal life again while 16% (100,000 families) of the affected families are still living in Temporary Shelter due to a variety of reasons.

A detailed question/answer session ensued after the press conference. Answering a question regarding homeless families, the Chairman NDMA said that 330,000 families have been rendered homeless and the government has assigned top priority to those families who do not have any other source.

He said that last year’s appeal was termed most successful in the world because 70% of the appealed funds were received. He said that only 10% of the cultivable land was not sowed due to standing flood waters but by 5 December this will also be done. The Chairman NDMA said that the government of Pakistan will revise appeal in the light of UN-Pak Assessment report which the provinces have also endorsed.

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