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National Bank of Pakistan hosts lunch for journalists

Karachi, December 10, 2012 (PPI-OT): National Bank of Pakistan hosted a lunch for journalists and media personnel on December 10, 2012 at Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel. Talking on the occasion, Mr. Adnan Adil Hussain, Senior Vice President and Head Consumer and Retail Banking Division, NBP, apprised the media about NBP’s recent achievements and initiatives.

He was accompanies by Syed Ibne Hassan Divisional Head Corporate Communications, Mr. Farooq Hassan SVP/ Divisional Head Business Development, Mr. Zubair Mirza Wing Head Collections, Mr. Tariq Hassan Wing Head Commercial banking, Mr. Ahmer Liaqat, Head of Advance Salary Wing, Mr. Sohail Arbab Head of Saiban Home finance wing. Mr. Adnan narrated different products of NBP.

He said “Despite numerous challenges, NBP’s performance during the past 5 years stands out. Unlike other banks which target the high end of the market and operate with a single bottom line in focus, NBP is in a double bottom line game. Its products and strategies are based primarily around national priorities and a common man. With its sprawling network of branches across the national landscape, NBP is poised to outreach the most disadvantaged and left over strata of population and provide them essential financial services.”

He cited several instances where NBP was the only financial institution available for general public. NBP caters to more than 2.1million out of 3 million pensioners through its 1,290 plus branches network. NBP has approximately 1.8 Million salary accounts of government employees, employees of public sector institutions, provincial governments and local bodies etc. “Disbursing these salaries month after month is no easy task” Mr. Adnan said. “But NBP has been up to the task with missionary zeal and zest and has never betrayed the confidence nation has posed in it.” Even NBP’s consumer finance initiatives are directed towards these deprived and disadvantaged sections of society.

He cited example of NBP Advance Salary which is the single largest personal loan product in the industry with a market share of nearly 52%. Launched in 2003, ‘Advance Salary’ loans were targeted towards public sector employees who were already NBP’s account holders.

The product was an instant success and to date, NBP has disbursed more than PKR 210 Billion and more than 1.5 million government employees have benefited from the scheme. Despite these huge volumes, the infection is only 2%. No other private commercial bank comes even close to these numbers. Amongst the other products, Mr. Adnan talked about Cash in Gold where borrowers, normally coming from middle class strata, deposit their gold ornaments and receive financing against it.

This was a unique and well thought out product and has very silently become a flagship for NBP consumer. “Agriculture is yet another area where NBP demonstrates its national commitment and resolve” Mr. Adnan said. “NBP leads its counterparts by a huge margin and outreaches approximately 250,000+ farmers in the nook and corner of the country.

Our performance here is again unparalleled” NBP is equally active in catering to Housing Finance through its product Saibaan. In 2008-09, in the backdrop of subprime, global recession, interest rates hike and emergence of defaults prompted NBP to adopt acautious policy and selective lending which continued till 2010. In 2011, Saibaan was temporarily halted.

Nevertheless, the consumer team is on the drawing board, calibrating a strategy for restarting the product. NBP is also an active player in commercial and SME lending. The afternoon ended with a Q and A session. Mr. Adnan Adil, thanked the journalists and media representatives for honoring the bank by accepting the invitation.

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