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Mushaira held in honour of visiting poets of Iran

Islamabad, March 04, 2014 (PPI-OT): “Iranian and Pakistani Literature is our age old heritage” said the eminent poet Zafar Ali Zafar presiding a Mushaira organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters, Karachi in honor of the visiting delegation of Iranian poets Mohammad Hossein Jafarian and Alireza Ghazveh.

He said that the writings of Iranian Poets reflect the message of love, peace and humanity and establish relationship of the present with their glorious past. He said that Persian is the foundation of our language and culture. He further said that Persian has influenced all the genres of Urdu Poetry.

The Chief Guest, famous poet Mohammad Yamin Iraqi in his own deliberation said that the Persian Poetry of Iran acts as a fountainhead for Urdu Poetry and Pakistani Poets are greatly influenced by its charm and elegance. The work of the classical poets of Iran like Shaikh Saadi, Hafiz, Firdausi, Rodgi and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi work as a tributary for Pakistani poetry.

Visiting poet Hossein Jafarian said that the poets are the adornment of each nation and its language and the history of the Iran and Pakistan’s literature and culture is one and the same. He said that it was a great privilege to listen to the glorious work of the poets of the languages of Pakistan today. The other Iranian poet Alireza Ghazveh said that the poetry of Pakistani poets reflect the turbulent waves of a river and the fragrance of roses.

The Director General, Culture Centre of Iran Agha Mahdi Khatib in his address said, the poetry of Pakistani Poets sounded like the anthem of singularity of Umma. From the view point of language and culture we have a history of oneness and will continue to be one for all the times to come.

The Resident Director, Pakistan Academy of Letters Agha Noor Mohammad Pathan in his message said that Urdu, Sindhi and Balochi languages contain forty percent Persian words. We welcome the respected Iranian poets from the bottom of our heart and hope that the exchange of delegation of writers and poets will continue in the future too promoting solidarity between our two countries through literary diplomacy.

On this occasion Khatri Asmat Ali Patel, Agha Muhammad Azam, Ali Hasan Mugheri and Zafar Ali Zafar Baloch presented bouquet of flowers to the honored Guests. They were also decorated with traditional Ajraks on behalf of the Pakistan Academy of Letters.

Pakistani poets Aslam Zuberi, Abdus Samad Taji, Saifur Rahman Saifi, Yasmeen Yaas, Zaibunnessa Zaibi, Waseem Saghar, Tanvir Kazmi, Yushay, Zafar Bin Nair Madani, Haji Abul Barkat, Rubina Tehseen Bina, Asif Javed, Naseer Soomro, Saheb Khan Memon, Mohammad Yamin Iraqi and Zafar Ali Zafar rendered their verses. Eminent poet Salman Siddiqui conducted the Mushaira.

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