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Mushahidullah Khan urges world to adopt green growth path for development

Islamabad, October 22, 2017 (PPI-OT): Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahidullah Khan, has pledged to work with global community to boost green growth initiatives to achieve sustainable development goals by exploiting natural resources in sustainable manner, which have rapidly depleting over last several decades because of insane and unsustainable industrialisation in developed countries.

Not only the lives of us but also of those of our future generations are at risk of falling into quagmire of unending hunger, poverty, diseases, food insecurity, pollution, water scarcity, and disasters, if we continue to devour into natural resources greedily and callously, particularly water, land and forest, the climate change minister warned the global leaders gathered at a week-long international moot on green growth for sustainable human development in Ethiopia.

The so-called event ‘Global Green Growth Week 2017’held at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, concluded on October 20. The event was attended by delegates of around 28 countries including Pakistan. “However, the world must jointly adopt a sane path for achieving economic growth fuelled by natural resources utilised in a sustainable manner. So that ability of the natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services for future generations is not compromised,” Mushahidullah Khan told during his keynote address to the participants of the event.

Organised by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in partnership with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the event also gathered stakeholders from the public and private sectors, international organisations and civil society to strengthen and catalyse green growth in the world in order to achieve global carbon emission reduction roadmaps for slowing down global warming and make progress on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

At the green growth event, a number of key topics, including: mobilisation of green/climate finance to bankable projects in developing countries including Pakistan, sustainable management of natural resources to address water and food security challenges and adopting of policies that drive environmentally-sustainable and socially inclusive global economic growth, particularly in developing countries.

Mushahidullah Khan pointed out that many countries have already become more efficient in using natural resources and the services provided by the environment, producing more sustainable economic output per unit of carbon emitted and of energy or raw materials consumed. Nevertheless, progress is too sluggish. Besides, if emissions embodied in international trade are included, advances in overall environmental productivity of these countries- most of them developed countries – are more modest.

The climate change minister Mushahidullah Khan said, “In fact, today no country is performing well on all green growth dimensions, particularly those related to clean energy, water, forest resources’ conservation, sustainable land use. However, most of the countries studied have yet to fully disconnect economic growth from fossil fuel use and pollutant emissions, which have destabilised climate change due to global warming.”

“It is pitiable note for the resource-constraint developing countries like Pakistan that progress made by developed countries, which are accountable for global warming, has often been insufficient to preserve the natural asset base or relieve pressure on ecosystems and on natural environmental services such as water purification and climate regulation,” he added.

Meanwhile, during his meeting with the Director General of the Global Green Growth Institute, Mr. Frank Rijsberman, on the side-lines of the event, Mushahidullah Khan said the rich countries should exercise sanity in tapping into natural resources for achieving their economic development goals and help developing countries to promote green growth programmes in urban planning, energy, water, land use, agriculture and irrigation sectors through transfer of technology, technical know-how and finance.

Talking about Pakistan’s volunteer role in global green growth, the climate change minister Mr. Khan apprised Mr. Rijsberman of the myriad green initiatives in energy, transport water and agriculture being spearheaded by federal and provincial governments.

“Mass urban transport programmes, such as Metro bus and orange train projects in Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa process, large-scale solar and wind programmes in Sindh and Punjab, Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Programme in all provinces being implemented at a cost of billions of rupees are clear demonstration of the present government’s commitment to boost green growth programmes in the country,” Mushahidullah Khan said.

The Director General GGGI, Mr. Frank Rijsberman, assured the minister Mushahidullah Khan of his all-out support to widen the green growth initiatives in Pakistan and help boost access to renewable energy, green urban development, water and irrigation efficiency technologies and climate-resilient infrastructure development programmes.

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