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Munter’s Visit to Sim Sim Hamara Highlights United States Commitment to Improved Children’s Education in Pakistan

Islamabad: U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter, his wife Dr. Marilyn Wyatt, and Consul General Nina Fite visited the Sim Sim Hamara set at Pakistan Children’s Television (PCTV) today to reaffirm the U.S. government’s commitment to children’s education in Pakistan. Sim Sim Hamara is a U.S. Government-funded joint project between Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop and Sesame Street Workshop New York.

Along with language and numeracy skills, the educational program promotes basic life skills, healthy habits, mutual respect and understanding, and a lifelong love for learning. Topics on Sim Sim Hamara have included the importance of society, self-belief, respect for elders, and inter-provincial harmony to promote tolerance and respect for different cultures and languages.

While at the studio the Ambassador and Dr. Wyatt interacted with children and puppets, including the world-famous Elmo. They also met with the Sim Sim Hamara production team to discuss how the program is supporting the educational system of Pakistan. The Ambassador noted that the United States strongly believes that every child in Pakistan can enjoy a world of learning, diversity, and discovery through programs like Sim Sim Hamara.

The show’s locally developed puppet stars include: Rani, a 6-year old school girl with a keen interest in natural science and a love of reading; Munna, a 5-year old boy with big dreams and flair for math and numbers; Baily, a fluffy, angelic looking, hardworking donkey who aspires to be a pop star; Elmo, a loveable, curious 3-year old monster with a desire to try and question everything; Baji, a colorful spirited woman with a passion for food, family, fun, tradition; and Haseen-o-Jameel, a crocodile who has a wonderful way with words, rhymes, and songs.

Since its launch on December 10, 2011, PCTV has created 18 Sim Sim Hamara programs aired to children on PTV. The programs have not only been appreciated by school children and teachers, but critics as well who have called Sim Sim Hamara a mesmerizing reflection of national culture, regional flavors, and a mix of urban and rural Pakistan.

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