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Monetization of Transport Facility for Civil Servants in BS-20 TO BS-22

Islamabad: In line with the Cabinet decision taken in its meeting held on 3rd June, 2011, the Federal Government has approved the “Compulsory Monetization of Transport Facility for Civil Servants in BS-20 to BS-22” effective 1stJanuary, 2012.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has directed that the Cabinet Division should implement this policy in a transparent manner effectively to take the reforms agenda of the Government forward. The main objective of this transport monetization policy is within the overall context of observance of the austerity measures approved in Federal Budget 2011-12 and this would facilitate in eliminating misuse of official vehicles.

The overall implementation of the Policy shall be the responsibility of all Federal Secretaries/Principal Accounting Officers, who will particularly ensure that each of the entitled officer in BS-20 to BS-22 including him/herself, is not in possession or in use of any project vehicle or the departmental operational/general duty vehicle, as well as, any vehicle of an organization or body corporate in his ex officio capacity, except the only vehicle allocated to him/her through this Monetization Policy.

An undertaking shall also be obtained from each entitled officer that in case he/she is found un authorized use of vehicle, shall be liable to be proceeded under the relevant rules.

In this regard a number of Certificates/Declarations have been prescribed which shall be required to be signed by each officer, as well as, by the Principal Accounting Officer for implementation of this Policy.

Other salient features of the Policy areas under:-

There will be a complete ban on the purchase of staff cars.

The Civil Servants in BS-20 to BS-22 who have been provided the official transport shall be given the first option to purchase the allocated cars as per prescribed formula already in vogue.

The value of the vehicles shall be recovered from the pay of the officers before their superannuation.

No green number plates will be allowed for the vehicle purchased by the officers in BS-20 to BS-22. All transfer fees/duties etc. will be borne by the officers themselves.

Ministries/Divisions/Departments will maintain a minimum Pool of vehicles for protocol/operational duties which shall be determined, keeping in view its strength and functions.

The vehicles which become surplus due to enforcement of this Policy shall be surrendered to the Cabinet Division’s Central Pool of Cars for further disposal as per Government’s rules/procedure.

On the basis of the expenditure presently being incurred on provision/ maintenance of the official transport, the entitled officers shall be eligible for following transport monetization, per month:-

BS-22 BS-21 BS-20

Rs. 95,910/- Rs. 77,430/- Rs. 65,960/-

The above Monetization would mean that from 1st January, 2012, the officers shall pay for petrol, maintenance/repair expenditure, insurance/ transfer fee, as well as, any other duties/taxes on the vehicle in addition to payment of instalments.

The services of the regular permanent drivers will be offered to the entitled officers on optional basis, on deduction of Rs. 10,000/- per month from the above monetized value.

No new recruitment of drivers will be made until the drivers rendered surplus are adjusted by the Establishment Division.

No additional budget shall be provided to implement the Monetization Policy. The budget provision meant for POL/ maintenance expenditure of the vehicles shall be diverted to meet the Monetization expenses.

This is a major step towards reforms in the Government sector which will result in savings and also discourage misuse of official transport facility, as the Policy is being implemented by taking all possible measures to ensure its success through the defined parameters.

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