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Modalities to establish Tharpar Development Authorities discussed in a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Sindh

Karachi, April 13, 2014 (PPI-OT): The modalities to establish Tharpar Development Authorities (TDA) for long term and sustainable development at the district Tharparkar and to resolve the miseries of the people of drought affected areas under short term strategies were discussed here in the meeting presided over by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qiam Ali Shah at CM House Saturday evening.

The Chief Minister Sindh directed the officers of Planning and Development and the Nation Building Department to prepare a comprehensive master plan for the development of infrastructure, generation of income and employment opportunities, provision of health, education and communication facilities and promotion of handicrafts, Livestock and Agriculture with marketing facilities in the Dist Tharparkar.

He said that the planning must be made in the view of existing geographical environmental, and ecological condition of area. He said that his government intend to lay foundation of such innovative development infrastructure that even to be carried out by the future governments for the up-liftment of the poor people of the District Tharparkar.

He said that it was the only PPP that firstly had got the occupied desert area vacated from Indian Army and later on had placed Sindh Arid Zone Development Authority SAZDA to improve the living standard of the dwellers but the successor government disbanded the scheme causing irreparable loss to the poor people of Tharparkar.

Addressing the meeting the Chief Minister Sindh said that in addition long term and sustainable development his government was intend to continue Relief to the drought affected people of district Tharparkar under short term strategies.

He said that in the first phase of the Relief Programme , One lac Twenty Thousand (120000) wheats bags have been distributed among more than 2,53,000 families. He said that in addition to that the Relief goods comprising on the Rashan packets arranged by different sister organizations NGOs have also been provided to the people of Tharparkar.

He directed the officers to also make arrangements to provide the food Relief to these drought victims for 2nd phase as well. He said that drinking water was the most essential not only for the survival of the people but also for their health care.

He said that Sindh government had planned to install 150 ROs Plant in addition to 80 ROs Plant already functioning in the Dist Tharparkar. He said that Sindh Government has also announced incentives of enhanced salaries to the doctors for performing their duties at Dist Tharparkar and also had recruit 57 new doctor to provide better medical care to the people. Further more doctors recruited on Tharparkar domicile will be made bond to serve there at least for three years.

Public Representative of Tharparkar participated and shared their proposals for the short planning for the welfare and uplift of the downtrodden people of this desert area. Mr. Taj Haider who was in-charged of drought affected areas presented a detailed briefing to the participants of the meeting.

He informed that more than 2,53,000 affected families have been supplied wheat and other Relief goods by Provincial government in transparent manners without any discrimination. He added that there was dire need to develop a master plan for the development of the Tharparkar where natural resources are abundant but unfortunately not exploited for the benefit of the people.

He said that though sub soil water in the areas is brackish but it could be utilized for Irrigation purpose as it was being used in Ragistan areas of neighbouring country. He urged the planner to evolve a system to promote handicrafts livestock, fodder for animals, dairies and meat farming, slaughter houses, agriculture, creation of job opportunities at local level, installation of solar based ROs Plants and income generating opportunities in Tharparkar.

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