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Message of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Prime Minister of Pakistan On the occasion of Labour Day 1st May, 2012

Islamabad: Today is the 1st of May. The day is observed globally to pay tributes to the workers and labourers of Chicago for the sacrifices they rendered for attainment of their rights. The concept of agricultural, industrial and socio-economic development is incomplete without contribution of labourers, workers and farmers. The global strides in industry and agriculture are owed to the hard work of labourers and farmers.

Pakistan People’s Party is fully aware of the farmers, labourers and workers role in the national development and has been strenuously engaged in efforts to bring about positive changes in their lives. Our Shaheed leaders Zulifikar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto considered the labourers and workers as an invaluable asset of the party. Shaheed Bhutto founded PPP on the slogan of welfare of the neglected sections of society and for the sake of carving out a respectable place for them in the social setup.

We believe that secret of any country’s development lies in the value of hard work and its human resources. A society, which does not address the basic needs of its working classes, remains backward. Right from day one, the government has been committed to improving the standard of living of labourers and workers. It has taken a number of steps for provision of basic amenities such as education, housing and health.

Shaheed Zulifkar Ali Bhutto announced the first labour policy in 1972, which provided the working classes with social protection, justice, and old age benefit scheme. Workers Welfare Fund was established for this purpose and the 1st of May was designated as the gazetted holiday.

In accordance with the manifesto of PPP, I announced the restoration of labour organizations upon assuming office. The democratic government launched a number of worker-friendly policies and schemes in order to ameliorate their lot. The Labour Policy introduced by the present government in 2010 raised the minimum wage of workers from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7000 per month. The reinstatement of fired employees was ensured through Reinstatement Act 2010. The government also promulgated Industrial Relations Act 2012 for welfare of the workers and raised the old age pension ceiling at Rs. 3600.

The present democratic government made workers shareholders in the institutions for the first time in history and distributed official shares worth Rs. 100 billion among half a million workers. The steps such as nomination of workers in the Board of Directors of the Institutions will further empower the working classes.

The democratic government is committed to bringing about a socio-economic revolution in the country in accordance with the vision of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. We are driven by the principles of democracy, equality and reconciliation and seek to establish a society where the deprived and under privileged sections of society have access to national resources. We are confident to achieve this objective with the support of the people of Pakistan.

On this May Day, let us reiterate our pledge to continue striving for welfare of the working classes in the country.

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