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Message of Prime Minister on World United Nations Day

Islamabad, October 24, 2012 (PPI-OT): Pakistan joins the global community in observing the United Nations Day. The day draws our attention to achievements, successes and role of the United Nations Organization in realizing its primary goals of promotion of peace, advancement of justice and equitable development, establishment of friendly relations among the member countries, peaceful negotiated end to conflicts, overcoming the challenges of illiteracy, diseases, hunger and safeguarding the rights and the freedoms of people.

The day is marked by discussions, workshops and seminars to evaluate and analyse the performance of the UN in addition to propagating the principles, values and core objectives, which underpin the functioning of the world body.

On this very day in 1945, the delegates from 51 countries put their heads together to bring into being this world body to ensure peace, achieve development and defeat the scourges of illiteracy, disease and poverty through collective and collaborative action.

The horrors and mass scale destruction of the 2nd World War coupled with failure of the League of the Nations must have served as perfect background to hasten the efforts for the establishment of the world body mandated with an agenda of conflict resolution, peace and development.

The UN’s performance has been quite commendable in the fields of social sector namely education, health, gender equality, climate change, overcoming child mortality and deadly diseases, and international peacekeeping in conflict-prone regions of the world.

The vigour and energy with which the UN is pursuing Millennium Development Goals stems from its resolve to improve the state of the world by encouraging the governments to take affirmative action. Equally appreciable has been its role in the calamity hit areas. It has been in the forefront of efforts to garner international support and pool resources for rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the flood-affected and earthquake-hit people in the world.

Pakistan, as a proud member, is committed to the UN charter and has been actively playing its role in advancing the UN agenda. We have generously contributed to the UN peacekeeping missions around the world, which is a manifestation of our desire for durable peace and maintenance of security.

However, the dream of durable peace cannot be realized without being mindful of new set of challenges to global peace, tranquillity and order. The recent instance of blasphemous anti-Islam video has exposed the grey areas and undermined the UN objectives.

The UN and the entire civilized world should not allow a handful of individuals to damage the spirit of interfaith harmony and peaceful coexistence. The right to freedom of expression cannot be abused to hurt the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims. The UN needs to put in place mechanism to curb occurrence of such incidents.

On the World UN Day, let us reiterate our commitment to the UN charter. Let us vow to work for fulfillment of objectives enshrined in the charter. Let us pledge to double our efforts for establishment of durable peace in the world.

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