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Message of President Asif Ali Zardari On the death anniversary of Shaheed Abdullah Murad March 6, 2012

Islamabad: I wish to compliment the PPP Malir for holding this event today to commemorate the martyrdom of Shaheed Abdullah Murad and pay homage to this brave son of Malir and a committed worker of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Eight years ago on this day PPP and our country lost one of the finest sons. Shaheed Abdullah Murad Shaheed was brutally assassinated in Karachi in the prime of his life and in the prime of his political career as well.

It is an occasion of both sadness and pride.

Sadness in the realisation that Abdullah Murad was the victim of a conspiracy aimed at eliminating the new generation of PPP leaders. Shaheed Abdullah Murad was elected to the Sindh Assembly from the Malir. His success at the polls was a stunning setback to some. Close to his murder he had confided to senior Party colleagues that he feared that he would be targeted.

But we also feel pride in the thought that this brave son of the Party stood his ground against all odds and refused to be deterred. Treading in the footsteps of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto he laid down his life and refused to succumb to temptation and threats.

Abdullah Murad was a courageous and committed stalwart of the fight for human rights, emancipation of the people and elimination of poverty and hunger from our society.

Life and death are in the hands of Allah and death comes at the appointed time. Fortunate are those who die while fighting for a noble cause. Abdullah Murad died fighting and struggling for a noble cause.

This belief of Muslims should offer some solace to the family, relations, friends and comrades of late Abdullah Murad. The mission for whom Abdullah Murad laid down his life lives on. It would be a befitting tribute to his memory to keep the torch lit to light the path of coming generations.

Abdullah Murad will live on in the pages of history of Malir and in the hearts and thoughts of Party workers. His murderers may seem to have escaped the arms of law. But it must not be forgotten that retribution by nature inevitably chases the perpetrators of crime. His murderers will not escape punishment in the fullness of time and they will twist and turn in their graves even if they have escaped punishment in this life..

On behalf of Pakistan People’s Party, I pay tribute to this noble son of our land. I call upon our youth to emulate their leaders, to carry on their mission for Peace, for Freedom and for the elimination of poverty, backwardness, hunger and illiteracy.

May Allah bless the soul of our brother Abdullah Murad.

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