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Message from Prime Minister of Pakistan on the occasion of World Food Day

Islamabad: The World Food Day 2011 under the theme of “FOOD PRICES – FROM CRISIS TO STABILITY” highlights the growing trends of high food prices and its impact on the most vulnerable. The food insecurity caused by high food prices is an issue that, unfortunately, is faced by millions in Pakistan.

Pakistan has experienced high volatility in food prices, particularly in the last two years, after the devastating floods that have washed away standing crops, eroded thousands of acres of agricultural land and critically impacted the farming community in the country.

In such critical times, the objective of achieving food security assumes greater importance and urgency. The government of Pakistan is acutely aware of the challenge of food insecurity in times of crisis.

It is absolutely essential that at the national and provincial level, sensitivity and awareness about food security gets translated into implementation of policies that would address shortage of food, particularly in the more vulnerable segments of the population where women and children in the rural areas suffer the most from malnutrition.

The global phenomena of climate change, high costs of energy, environmental degradation and increased frequency of weather shocks are the major challenges that Pakistan faces along with the global world. Increased linkage between energy and agriculture is yet another major factor for food price rise.

The World food crisis of 2006-2008 affected the poorest in the developing countries. The World Bank has acknowledged that rising food prices have pushed 70 million people into extreme poverty worldwide.

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