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Message from Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President Islamic Republic of Pakistan On World Scout Day

Islamabad: The World Scouts Day being observed all over the world today is a reminder of the pristine values of the Scouts Movement when it was first launched by its founding father, Robert Baden-Powell. Today the need for shaping the lives of our youth, indeed the lives of all of us, in accordance with its motto ‘Service before Self’ is far greater than ever before. It is therefore an occasion for all scouts to renew their pledge and commitment to the noble objectives of this movement.

There are nearly thirty million scouts in over two hundred countries of the world. As they resolve today to take forward the aims and objectives of their movements, I congratulate them all and in particular the scouts of Pakistan.

The principles on which scout movement is based are common to all religions and cultures. It is a hall mark of the scout that he stands ready to serve humanity regardless of the considerations of religion, culture, caste and nationality. By fostering a common bond among peoples throughout the world it is a vehicle for promoting peace and harmony.

We need to strengthen this movement in Pakistan to develop in our youth the values of discipline and a positive attitude towards life.

Services of Boy Scouts Movement in the cause of humanity are most laudable. I wish to express my appreciation of the valuable services rendered by our scouts during natural disasters in the country. True to their motto ‘Service before Self’ our scouting youth has been in the forefront to help the earthquake and flood victims regardless of considerations of religion or creed.

The motto for the year 2012 “Scouting – Education for life” reminds us what Pakistan’s first Chief Scout Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said on the occasion of the beginning of this movement in Pakistan. He said, “Scouting values play very important role in the character building of our young generation specially their physical and spiritual development and make them useful and good citizen by bringing them under disciplined way of life”.

Our youth must adhere to the Scouting principles as life long education.

On this day, I also wish to congratulate all those who have been selected as Best Scouts for the years 2003 – 2009 and are being awarded the President’s Gold Medal at the National Headquarters, Pakistan Boy Scouts Association. I hope their excellence will not only forge a sense of competition among the scouting youth but also motivate others to join the scouting movement.

I appeal to the parents of children and youth of Pakistan to encourage their children to join scouts movement. I appeal to all the educational institutions of the country for the establishment of Scout Units in their respective institutions. I assure Pakistan Boys Scouts Association and all scouts of the country that I will give all the support and patronage to their organizations”

I wish the scouting movement in general and in Pakistan in particular greater success and pray that it may become an important vehicle for promoting peace and harmony in the country.

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