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Meeting of Special Committee on Delay in all Flights including Hajj Flights and Grounding of the Aircrafts of Pakistan International Airline

Islamabad: Syed Sumsam Ali Shah Bukhari, MNA chaired the 2nd meeting of Special Committee on “Delay in all Flights including Hajj Flights and grounding of the aircrafts of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA on Thursday the 23rd February, 2012 at 01:00 pm in Conference Room of PIA Headquarter, Jinnah Airport Karachi. The agenda of the meeting was as under:-

a) The causes of delay in all flights including Hajj flights of PIA.
b) The causes of grounding of PIA aircrafts.
c) Defective operations of PIA aircrafts.
d) Existing strength of PIA fleet including aircrafts on lease.
e) Ongoing and proposed restructuring of PIA.

Mr. Salah-ud-Din Sheikh, MNA, Ms. Nosheen Saeed, MNA, Mr. Masood Abbas, MNA and Mr. Shahid Khakan Abbasi, MNA were present in the meeting. Mr. Moosa Raza Effendi, Additional Secretary, National Assembly, Mr. Naeem Yousafzai, Managing Director (PIA), M. Saleem Sayani, Deputy Managing Director, (PIA) and Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defense, were also attended the meeting.

After meeting, Syed Sumsam Ali Shah Bukhari, Chairman addressed the press conference in the auditorium of PIA Head Office; Karachi. The salient features are stated as below:

i. The Chairman informed that Parliament has constituted a special Committee on PIA affairs comprising MNAs which represent all political parties. The aim of the Committee is to identify the problems in PIA and submit recommendations to The August Parliament of Pakistan as soon as possible in the better interest of PIA management, its employees, passengers and Pakistan.

ii. The Chairman expressed some reservations about administrative and operational structure of PIA and proposed to bring fresh blood in PIA, take some drastic decisions by the management as well as Board of Directors PIA relating to purchase of financially viable aircrafts and equipments in letter and spirit. The Committee will deliberate thoroughly into these issues and come out with concrete recommendations, Chairman reiterated.

iii. With regard to problem of availability of seats to the passengers, PIA has decided to install screen showing details of seats of flight in the airports, he said

iv. Out of 39 aircrafts, 16 aircrafts are financially viable, rest of are quite expensive by virtue of the cost of fuel and maintenance, Syed Sumsam Ali Shah Bukhari said.

v. The Chairman expressed concern that Hajj flights were delayed, therefore, ground realities and mistakes should be admitted and improved in better interest of PIA as well as Passengers/ Hajjis.

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