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March syndrome has over taken others: Prime Minister

Islamabad: Parliament should complete its tenure whether we are in the government or not, said Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani while addressing a public meeting after unveiling the commencement of the Diamir-Basha Dam, 35 KM downstream of Chilas district, Gilgit/Bilstan.

The Prime Minister said that economic development was inconceivable without the political stability and political stability comes with the completion of the tenure of the parliament which ensure consistency of the political process, so critical to inculcate confidence of the people in their elected representatives.

The Prime Minister said due to inconsistency the precious resources of the nation had gone down the drain because in the past the rulers started the projects and those who followed them scrapped the same without taking into account the well being of the people. It is only through the democratic process that country achieves political stability so critical for the economic development, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that his government’s development strategy was to complete the ongoing project which have already been completed up to 60 percent and avoid undertaking the new projects unless absolutely necessary. It is for this reason that he had inaugurated the completion of many projects during the last three and half years of which he laid the foundation stone.

The Prime Minister said that no single party can steer the country out of the challenges facing the country. It was for this reason that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto gave her vision of policy of reconciliation and the democratic government of the PPP had been following it and its coalition government was the culmination of the same vision.

The Prime Minister said that there was a need for collective wisdom and if some party believed that it could scramble the country out of the hole was sadly mistaken. The Prime Minister said that those who did not agree with the policy of reconciliation they would eventually accept this truth and time would vindicate it.

The Prime Minister said that the opponents were obsessed with the march syndrome and were bent upon to deprive the PPP from gaining majority in the senate but they would not succeed. Their desperation stems from the fact that after March next year, the PPP government would present fifth budget to serve the nation for another year by undertaking more people’s friendly development projects.

In that case, the Prime Minister said, that the present democratic government would be the first government in the history of Pakistan that would present the fifth budget and also complete the tenure.

The Prime Minister suggested the political aspirants to go to the people and present their manifesto and win the hearts and minds of the people before going to the election in 2013. They should leave it to the people of Pakistan as who would get the right to govern them during the next five years.

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