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Maldives President Ratifies Landmark Domestic Violence Bill

MALE, Maldives, April 25, 2012/PRNewswire/ –

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has ratified a landmark Bill to provide protection for victims of domestic violence and punish offenders of such crimes.

The legislation – the first protection of its kind for domestic violence victims in the Maldives – ensures all acts of domestic violence will now be a criminal offence. Victims of domestic violence will be given protection and safety and necessary steps will be taken to prevent domestic violence through law enforcement and the rehabilitation of offenders.

The President has established a Family Protection Authority to implement the legislation, create awareness of domestic violence, provide mechanisms to enable victims to report abuse and provide psychological and rehabilitative services for victims and perpetrators.

To supplement this effort, the President has proposed the establishment of a new Ministry of Gender, Children and Human Rights to actively protect those who are most vulnerable in Maldivian society.

This is the first piece of legislation to be passed by President Waheed since he took office on February 7th 2012.

Speaking after the ratification of the bill, President Waheed said:

I am delighted for the great privilege of ratifying the Prevention of Domestic Violence Bill. One out of every three women in the Maldives has been subject to some form of violence or abuse in her lifetime. This legislation will, for the first time, ensure that victims of domestic violence in the Maldives are protected by the law.”

Note to editor:

For further details of the Bill: http://www.presidencymaldives.gov.mv/Index.aspx?lid=11&dcid=7250

Source: The Republic of Maldives

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