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Learning a new language is a big achievement: Shah Faisal Afridi

Lahore, August 04, 2016 (PPI-OT): Purpose of imparting Chinese Language to Pakistani youth is to make them confident in pursuing their innovative ideas more effectively with the Chinese counterparts. It was stated by Shah Faisal Afridi during a discussion session held today with the students of Chinese language Class initiated under the auspices of PCJCCI. In the start of discussion Shah Faisal Afridi delivered a motivational speech to the young students in which he said that learning a new language is a big achievement and the youth especially should indulge this skill in the cultivation of Entrepreneurial culture within the country with the Chinese assistance rather focused on getting jobs in foreign firms.

Shah Faisal Afridi asserted that Pakistani Youth should realize that in the current economic scenario, the ultimate goal for them is to implicate their energy in entrepreneurship, especially when Pakistani government is also facilitating such initiatives. He said that the country doesn’t need more employees with similar expertise, it needs innovative businesses and fresh minds that could satisfy the innovative market demands.

Shah Faisal Afridi further elaborated that Entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work. If successful, their innovations improve standard of living. In addition to creating wealth from their entrepreneurial ventures, they also create jobs and the better conditions for a prosperous society, said Afridi. Through their unique offerings of new goods and services, entrepreneurs break away from traditions and indirectly support freedom by reducing dependence on obsolete systems and technologies. Overall, this results in an improved quality of life, greater morale and economic freedom, He maintained.

Shah Faisal Afridi told the students that whole world is now transformed into a consumer society, and naturally, the role of an entrepreneur is of much significance in generating products valuable for the comforts and luxurious living of the people. He pointed that the GNP of any country is calculated based upon the total number of products and services available in a respective country; the more products and services available the higher the GNP, It indicates the economic prosperity of the country. It is through entrepreneurship that important innovations enter the market leading to new products or production process which eventually increases efficiency through bringing competition in the market, informed Afridi.

Faisal Afridi highlighted a common problem of the young entrepreneurs that according to him was mere “Confusion”. He said that young people who enter into business are most of the time not confident about the success. He pointed that this lack of confidence is because they opt something they are not interested in or they are just imitating the inherited business.

He mentioned that today is a market driven society, it is the market that set the demands and offers space for innovation. According to Afridi the choice is very clear for the entrepreneurs; if you have been able to identify a crucial problem that you can effectively execute and deliver to market, you will be able to create a real business that matters. He mentioned that Products with a real need are easy to market and you won’t have to convince people about the existence of the problem and the need for your product because they identify with it automatically.

He told that present Government is resolute in facilitating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs by conceiving, engineering and building new products and services for the global marketplace. Entrepreneurial and small technology oriented businesses are promoted by the government.

Government has realized that entrepreneurs have the potential to create solutions that can transform Pakistan and generate new jobs for millions of young graduates entering the workforce.

It was observed that Pakistan must follow this trend to become a nation of entrepreneurs, not a nation of demographic breeders. Creating economic space is not just a metaphor—it calls for a plan of action. An action from both the government and the talented fresh minds.

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