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Law and order situation getting worse day by day: Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Karachi, May 29, 2014 (PPI-OT): The Leadership of Businessmen Group, the President Abdullah Zaki and Office Bearers of Karachi Chamber in a Press Statement have shown their reservations on the Karachi Operation as it started in September 2013, was showing improvements but since last 2-3 months it is on the reverse i.e. instead the Law and Order situation is getting worse day by day.

While expressing sheer discontent over various measures adopted by Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) to deal with rising lawlessness in Karachi, they said, it seems that various strategies adopted by Federal and Sindh Governments to restore peace in Karachi have failed to yield positive results.

Business and Industrial Community are the real stakeholders of Karachi, they provide bread and butter to the masses as well as for the government, law enforcing agencies etc. through their revenue participation to the tune of 67% but regretfully we are not taken on Board with regards to Karachi’s law and order situation and are not even invited in the review meetings of this operation.

We demand from the Prime Minister to invite Karachi Chamber in the next review meeting as we would like to know if the real picture is provided to him as we believe that a lot of compromises are taking place which in effect are not helping to improve the law and order situation.

“We are the real victims of Karachi’s lawlessness, our lives are at stake all the time and businesses are suffering terribly due to discrimination with Karachi on Gas, Electric, Water and development of Infrastructure and above all the outlaws are constantly threatening us to either fulfill their demands or face the consequence”, said Chairman Businessmen Group and Former President KCCI, Siraj Kassam Teli, adding that the Business Community is striving hard to promote the positive image of Karachi but all efforts become futile when LEAs fail to maintain peace.

BMG leadership and KCCI Office Bearers said that the ongoing operation by Pakistan Rangers Sindh in association with Sindh Police sometimes resulted in providing temporary relief but the overall law and order situation remains volatile which clearly indicates that LEAs responsible for acting against outlaws are unable to control lawlessness. The decision makers must now review the entire situation.

BMG Leadership and KCCI Office Bearers pointed out that incidents of street crimes, kidnapping for ransom, activities of bhatta mafia, robberies and target killings have resurfaced in many areas of the city whereas the LEAs seem helpless.

“We the Business and Industrial Community of Karachi are supporters of democracy in the country and do not want the Army to take over but at the same time we demand from the government immediate action against criminals irrespective of cast, colour and creed or any political affiliations whatsoever and to do that the government must use all resources at its disposal, Police, Rangers, Frontier Core or even if need be Army as it is the duty of the state to provide security and safety to the life and property of its citizen, otherwise the Business and Industrial Community may retaliate in any way they deem fit”.

Touching upon the shortcomings of Police department and lack of necessary powers to Pakistan Rangers Sindh, they opined that Pakistan Rangers Sindh and police department are not in a position to restore peace as it will be requiring stringent strategy to fully restore peace in this city.

Since Police and Rangers have been tried the government must move to the next step and use its constitutional authority to call in the Army in aid of Civil Government under the Constitution of Pakistan to bring peace to the city of Karachi.

They warned that all pro-business policies and measures being initiated by the present government to attract investments in this region will be wasted if Karachi city remains insecure, as we at Karachi Chamber believe that Karachi is not the Business and Industrial Hub of Pakistan but Karachi is Pakistan.

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