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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government rejects increase in electricity prices

Peshawar, August 01 2013 (PPI-OT): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Health and Information Shaukat Yousafzai, who is also the spokesman of the Provincial Government has rejected the increase in the prices of electricity saying that instead of electricity generation, the Federal Government has over burdened the masses by such price hike.

Addressing a function organized at a hotel in Islamabad by the Forum of Federations Thursday he said that the timing for this increase has been chosen to be soon after the meeting of Council of Common Interest (CCI) and thus an impression has been created that it has been approved or discussed in the said meeting but in fact they have not been consulted in this regard.

He called upon the Federal Government to instead concentrate on power generation to fill the gap between demand and supply while regarding cheap power generation, the FG should support and facilitate the KP government where there is a great potential of cheap hydle-power generation.

He regretted that though under the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the Province can negotiate hydle power generation with a foreign country but regretted that there too, the problem is the condition of obtaining no objection certificate (NOC) from the Federal Government.

He regretted that due to this problem of NOC, the provincial government cannot launch a one window operation to facilitate investors. However, he disclosed that recently a memorandum of Understanding had been signed with Glaxy Consortium for hydro power generation.

He pointed out that KP was producing 18 billion units of electricity per year which is sold to the WAPDA @ just 90 paisas per unit and of this the Province was consuming eight billion units and thus its 10 billion units are utilized by other province. On the other hand WAPDA is selling these 18 billion units at a rate of Rs.14 to the consumers, which included those within the province of KP.

He also disclosed that during the current NFC award, the province of KP was promised one per cent extra money as being hit by militancy and terrorism but the present federal government was now withdrawing it.

He asked as to whether militancy and terrorism has been controlled, whether the infrastructure of the province being damaged and the destructions wrought have been repaired and recovered. He pointed out that the cause of militancy and terrorism has been the wrong policies of the Federal Government and even now these wrong policies have been continued but when it comes to the rights of the people of the province, it is shying itself away from the responsibility.

He regretted that the Federal Government and WAPDA was responsible for long hours of loadshedding and in many places on most of the occasion power is kept off for constant 5 and even 6 hours but the people taunt the provincial government for it.

He further stated that despite continuous incidents of terrorism resulting into the killing of numerous people including two MPs from the treasurary benches neither the Prime Minister nor any federal minister visited the province but when the D.I.Khan jail was broken the whole responsibility was put on the Provincial Government ignoring the fact that the nearby FATA was under the direct control of the Federal Government and from where all such terrorism originated.

With regard to the attitude of the Federal government, Mr.Yousafzai pointed out that last year 83 schemes were approved and 93 billion rupees were announced for the province in the PSDP but just 4 billion rupees were released for it.

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