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Karachi Water and Sewerage Boards 30yr Old Dilapidated Cables, a Nightmare for the Karachiites and Karachi Electric Supply Company Maintenance Teams Alike

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has said that the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board had unduly been passing its own inefficiency onto the power utility and has made it a standard drill to use it as a scapegoat for their own management and operational failures.

Like any other bulk consumer, the power cables supplying electricity to the KWSB’s installations, are its property and the Water and Sewerage Board is responsible for its maintenance and operational health. Interestingly enough, the last time KWSB had laid down these cable at their, three important and critical pumping stations of Gharo, Dhabeji and Pipri was 30 years ago.

Over these three decades these cables have undergone numerous repairs and have outlived their useful, serviceable life by atleast two times, yet the Water Board made no efforts to replace them in a timely fashion to ensure the consistent supply of power, more so, knowing the fact that they have been working without any backup or contingency plans or an alternate power source to ensure pumping of the required water for the city.

The recent breakdown at the Pipri pumping station, is another glaring example of the high-handedness of the KWSB officials and evidence of their ‘scape-goat’ policy, where under all such instances of internal breakdowns their compass always points towards KESC.

The 30yr old power cables at the Pipri pumping station have been in want of replacement since the past many years, and despite the fact that KESC has made multiple offers to share the cost of the replacement of the said cables, only in public interest, there has been no movement or progress from KWSB.

These decaying cables of the KW and SB’s network create a constant issue for KESC’s supply feeders and distribution system and even during the recent breakdown, KESC despatched on priority it’s maintenance teams, which discovered that the said cables were ruptured / damaged from multiple locations throughout the 7km length, which eventually increased the resolution time and while the KESC teams were working 24/7 to rectify the issue, the KWSB officials chose to play only the blame game.

KESC said that despite KWSB having the number one slot on its power dues defaulter list, the water pumping stations continued to be exempted of load shedding under all circumstances, primarily in the interest of the public at large and to support the supply of basic need of water for the City population. KW and SB has continued to default on its electricity bill payment to KESC, a figure which has now ballooned to Rs. 15 billion, yet the leading defaulter expects KESC to deliver top notch service quality.

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