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Karachi Port Trust rescues grounded Taiwan Vessel

Karachi: Taiwan flag container ship YM North loaded with 1740 containers which ran aground near Karachi Port was rescued by KPT. Four tugs of KPT participated in the rescue operation.

The Chairman KPT Muhammad Aslam Hayat closely monitored the rescue operation. General Manager Operations Rear Admiral Azhar Hayat, Deputy Conservator Captain Shoukat Ali, Harbour Master Captain Shakeel Babar, Dock Master Captain Jamaluddin, Deputy Harbour Master Captain Asif Tony and 6 pilots conducted the operation to rescue the ill fated vessel.

The operation went successful and the ship was refloated in the morning at around 5am during the high tide. It took KPT an hour to refloat the vessel through an operation which commenced at around 4am.It was a timely effort by KPT Administration to conduct the whole operation in professional manner which resulted in saving precious lives of crew on board along with the vessel which was carrying cargo worth millions of dollars.

The ship has acquired safe berthing at berth number 26/27 of Karachi Port which belongs to KICT. The maximum capacity of the vessel is to carry 3860 TEU containers but the vessel was actually carrying 1740 container when it called at Karachi Port. Of these, 1553 containers are bound for Pakistan and will get offloaded at KICT berths.

The last port of call from where the ship sailed to Pakistan was the Port of Singapore. From Karachi, the next destiny of the vessel is Port Pipavav which is located in Saurashtra in the state of Gujrat, 152 nautical miles northwest of Mumbai.

For more information, Contact:
Karachi Port Trust
Eduljee Dinshaw Road
Email: Chairman@kpt.gov.pk
Tel: 99214315
Tel Board: 99214530-9

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