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Karachi Metropolitan Corporation organise seminar on Martyrdom Day of Liaquat Ali Khan

Karachi, October 17, 2012 (PPI-OT): KMC Administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed said Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan was not only the close aide of Quaid-e-Azam but his great services in the creation and stability of Pakistan made a bright chapter in our history. He was not only a man of principal and an honest leader but a political leader who felt the pain of his nation and always desired to get his homeland free of external occupying forces.

He expressed these views while addressing as chief guest in a seminar held on the martyr day of Quaid-e- Millat Liaquat Ali Khan on Wednesday in Civic Center.

Administrator Karachi said Liaquat Ali Khan gave strength to the nation at such a time when the country was facing chaos and disorders. He said that in history, only two countries had come into existence on the basis of religion, Pakistan and Israel, of course to be followed in the last decade of the last century by Bosnia and East Timor.

As for Israel and Pakistan, he said that while in the case of the former, the west was going out of its way to buttress its existence and make it a model state; it had been conspiring all along to weaken the latter. In this regard, he said that the deaths of Quaid-e-Millat which was “shrouded in mystery”, spoke amply for the attempt being made to pound away at Pakistan’s roots. He also listed the secession of the erstwhile East Pakistan in December 1971.

He said that while in the 1965 only 3,000 Pakistani soldiers were killed, we had lost 42, 000 people in the nibbling civil disturbances that were on since 2000. He was of the opinion that all this was actually meant to strike at the economic foundations of the country to render it bankrupt and was aimed at nullifying our nationhood. Liaquat Ali Khan gave his life for the country and for this he will be remembered for ever.

The Chairman of Pakistan Academy of Letters Abdul Hameed said Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan was an
honest, hardworking, bold patriot. He proved himself an excellent administrator and such a fighter as the defense minister who had foiled the evil designs of enemy of the state.

Noted intellectual Abdul Maalik Ghauri, said, “Despite a passage of 60 years, we have not forgotten the Quaid-e-Millat’s services to the nation and his sacrifices for its consolidation”. He regretted that to date, we had not been able to determine as to who fired the bullet that killed Liaquat Ali Khan, whether it was Superintendent of Police Najaf Khan, or Said Akbar.

He said it was intriguing that the bullet hit the Quaid-e-Millat from the rear while Said Akbar, the alleged assassin, was standing in front of him. What made matters even more suspicious was that within minutes Said Akbar was felled by gunshots. Later, he said, Police Inspector Muhammad Shah, and the Inspector-General of Police, Aizazuddin, who was heading the enquiry into the murder, were both mysteriously bumped off. The Munir Commission, he said, set up to probe the tragedy, wrote in their judgment, “We cannot talk about the two conspiracies in national interest”.

“If we want our citizens and our future generations to live in an atmosphere free of fear and want them to live in security, the first thing we have to do is to usher in a foolproof system of justice whereby criminals are brought to book and meted out exemplary punishment.”, Ghauri said.

Dr Tahir Masud, Chairman, Department of Mass Communication, University of Karachi, said that very few books had been authored on Pakistan’s founding fathers. More books, he said, should be written on the founding fathers of Pakistan.

Prominent scholar Aftab Ahmed Khan in his address said praised Quaid-e-Millat for the way he built Pakistan’s administrative infrastructure from scratch. He said Liaquat always went out of his way to help the Muslims out of their problems in pre-partition India He lamented that today there were as many Muslims in India as in Pakistan but the Hindus in India were not killing Muslims the way Muslims were killing Muslims without the least of compunction in Pakistan.

Engineer Muhammad Arif Khan, Agha Noor Muhammad Pathan, Ali Hassan Sajid, Kehkashan Anjum, Maulana Asad Thanvi and Arshad Sabri also spoke on this occasion.

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