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Karachi Electric Supply Company trying to create breech between industrial consumers and others

Karachi: Karachi Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President, Mian Abrar Ahmad, while commenting on the Press Release by KESC over industrial load-shedding, has strongly reacted that the KESC’s Press Release looks like that utility has taken upon the role of the Government and is trying to dictate the Government and at the same time trying to create breech between industrial consumers and others.

KESC is also trying to destroy billions of rupees investment of the industry in captive power plants. Here it would be worth mentioning that this huge investment was made by industrialists as KESC was unable to meet the requirements of industry and this investment was made as a last resort to keep the wheels of industry running.

President KCCI appealed to President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Governor Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh to take notice of un-constitutional steps/ statements initiated by KESC. He went step further to say that KESC is trying to create law and order situation and it should be noted in light of PCO. He gave following points for their consideration.

1) Misleading statement with regards to quantum of gas utilized by Captive Power Plants, it is 160 MMCFD not 175 MMCFD

2) Industry has been closed for 8 hours. 2 spells of 4 hours each un-necessarily and in all the past years in case of supply of 160 MMCFD, there will be zero load-shedding. Why then today, Gas supply is 175 MMCFD, industry is being shaded for 8 hours.

3) KESC by shedding industry wants to bankrupt the entire industrial sector

4) Blackmailing Government of Pakistan, as when industry stops functioning, Government is afraid of unemployment ratio going up, and when industry creates hue and cry, new investment also shy away and the Government knowing population growth want it other way round.

5) To take Government of Pakistan under pressure so that they do not pressurize for payment to SSGC and PSO and they are somehow siphoning the fund in the name of expenditure, O and M import at exorbitant rates etc. Today KESC has to pay more than 50 billion to these utilities.

In the light of all above and with a confirm view of blackmailing attitude of KESC, Industrial Associations have decided not to pay KESC bills and deposit the same as per the due date to respective Associations and this would be paid only after immediate withdrawal of load-shedding and long term guarantee of KESC for un-interrupted supply to all industrial areas. President KCCI also informed that the way industry is being treated by KESC, is sure recipe of bankruptcy and chaos.

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