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Karachi Electric Supply Company refutes claim by factory owners: Gas shortage real cause behind load shedding

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has refuted the naïve and impractical claims by some SITE factory owners and said that the industrialists were well aware of the real reason behind load shedding, that is, fuel shortage. That was the reason for no other industrial body supporting the claims by SITE body.

KESC said it had been the Company’s firm policy for the past over two years to exempt all the major industrial zones of the City from load shedding for keeping the wheel of development moving in the industrial hub City of the country. Industrialists had been enjoying uninterrupted power supply all along while residential and commercial consumers faced at least 3 to 4.5 hours of load shedding. Majority of them, including remaining six industrial town associations and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry understand the issue of gas shortage. Therefore, they never blamed KESC for industrial load shedding but the shortfall of gas supply to its power generating plants.

Some of the SITE factory owners, who were personally signatories to the Governor’s House agreement, had full knowledge of the condition that KESC was to receive minimum 180 MMCFD gas for generating adequate electricity to exempt industrial areas from load shedding. It was known fact that SSGC had been supplying less than 100 MMCFD gas to KESC ever since the signing of that agreement. This had forced the power utility to resort to industrial load shedding. Yet, KESC had made great efforts to minimize it and had brought it down from 12 hours a day to eight hours.

However, some SITE members running their own captive power plants by consuming much needed natural gas were causing gas shortage. The latest allegation coming from the same side was nothing but a misdirected and ill-conceived attempt, KESC said and demanded all industrialists to join hands to seek regular supply of at least 180 MMCFD gas to the utility’s power generation plants so as to revert to uninterrupted power supply to industrial areas.

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