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Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s President Mian Abrar Ahmad emphasized to form Cairo-Karachi Joint Chamber to bridge together two economies.

Karachi: While exchanging views with the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt Said Hindam, he also asserted upon the multi-lateral trade between the Muslim countries of the Arab-African region. He focused that the regional trade is the key solution to sustain peace and prosperity in the region. He articulated that the Pakistan due to its geo-strategic location can act as trade corridor between the Middle East, African, Central Asian Republics and SAARC countries.

He highlighted that the future lies in Asia as the economies of Asian countries are developing on rapid pace. He voiced to allow economic independence to Pakistan by the developed economies which they allowed to other regional countries.

He apprised the Ambassador about the pivotal role of Karachi Chamber to boost the national economy and the Chamber’s vivid demand to bring paradigm shift in trade policies while emphasizing on regional trade instead of export to USA and EU.

He articulated that KCCI has a strong say in the Government circles and its proposals and recommendations are incorporated in the formulation of policies. He stated that KCCI is committed to bridge together the business communities of regional countries with a vision to establish joint chambers. With the efforts of KCCI, Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber is formed and efforts are underway to establish Bombay-Karachi Joint Chamber.

He also proposed the Ambassador about the similar cooperation with KCCI’s Egyptian counterpart. He also requested the Ambassador to invite exhibitors to participate in the Karachi Chamber’s My-Karachi Oasis of Harmony Exhibition scheduled to be organized in July 2012. President KCCI also expressed solidarity to business community and Egyptian brotherhood.

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt Said Hindam stated that Pakistan and Egypt are two Muslim brother countries having profound love and regard for each other. He said that Egypt see Pakistan as a strong resilient Nation having strength to overcome its internal and external problems. He invited the President KCCI to take a business delegation to Egypt.

He said that the Pak-Egyptian Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting will be held soon and both countries would deliberate to further enhance friendly bilateral ties. He said that Egypt had already invested over US$ 4 Billion in Pakistan.

Orascom Group’s Mobilink is famous Egyptian venture in Pakistan. Besides, Egyptian companies have also invested in cement and real estate sectors. Negative perception and security concerns are hindrance for new Egyptian investors to invest in Pakistan.

He appreciated the initiative of signing of MoU between KCCI and Cairo Chamber of Commerce for mutual cooperation and to pave way further to form joint chamber of commerce. He also sought KCCI’s proposals on bilateral trade prospects and conveyed compliments to President Karachi Chamber for attaching importance to Pak-Egyptian bilateral trade.

He recognized the vital role of Karachi Chamber to promote trade and industry in Karachi and elsewhere. He also invited KCCI to motivate its members to participate in the forthcoming exhibitions at Egypt.

Former President KCCI Majyd Aziz, Vice President KCCI Zia Ahmed Khan and Managing Committee Members also participated in the meeting. President KCCI also presented Chamber’s crest to the Ambassador.

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