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Karachi Chamber Of Commerce and Industry leaders’ hidden agenda exposed by demand of Karachi Electric Supply Company control

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has said that the recent demand by KCCI president and certain business leaders for taking over control of the power utility had exposed their real intentions behind criticizing the KESC performance.

KESC said that a group of selfish industrialists had been misusing the respectable platform of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and was misguiding entire industry sector for their personal ambitions of encroaching upon the energy sector under the cover of false electricity-related complaints.

The hidden purpose of this small group had been unearthed during a recent news conference addressed by KCCI chief Abrar Ahmad and leader of Businessmen Group Siraj Kasim Teli where they had demanded of the government to take over KESC and hand it over to business community, meaning thereby, them.

This blatant and daring revelation of the insatiable appetite for money of these self-serving and so-called leaders of commerce and industry had struck a crushing blow to the genuineness of their complaints about power supply.

In their one-sided and untrue zeal to champion the cause of industrial community, they conveniently forgot the fact that KESC had exempted all the major industrial zones of Karachi from load shedding for more than two years now but only under very pressing gas shortage. They had actually confessed to their deception and hunger for which they had been harming the interests of the whole industry sector, KESC said.

While rejecting false claims by KCCI chief and his cronies as baseless and one-sided, KESC pointed out that even if only 100 industrial units had been producing private power through sucking much-needed natural gas, this was enough to prove the fact that remaining 16,900 industrial units had been suffering power outages because of that as the KESC plants had not been receiving adequate gas supply and were producing less electricity than required to maintain normal load shedding plan.

Had this privileged group of industrialists been ready to do away with their arrogance and agreed to shut down captive power plants for only two days a week, the power supply to entire industrial sector could improve and even the residential and commercial areas could receive some relief in load shedding hours, KESC maintained.

While rejecting the charge of “conspiracy” on the part of KESC, the power utility said that in fact these so-called leaders of commerce and industry were the conspirators who had been trying to exploit the self-created situation to capture electricity business.

KESC reiterated its pledge to continue to keep the industrial wheel moving and to serve the entire 20 million population of Karachi in spite of the minor hassles like the unsuccessful disturbing attempts by a handful of industrialists.

KESC termed the demand for putting the names of top management into exit control list as “ridiculous” and stated that it was not politics but simple power supply business where top management needed to be present to perform their public interest responsibilities.

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