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Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry identify government Deptts conniving in corruption

Karachi, April 29, 2013 (PPI-OT): NAB must set examples of corrupt elements misusing powers and illegal means, Haroon Agar KCCI urged fair mechanism with equal treatment in accountability process for public and private sectors

“Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), being the vital stakeholder and chamber of business and industrial community of Karachi, contributes a major chunk to the national exchequer should report to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for all white-collar crimes occurring in the society, particularly of the unethical elements in the government departments conniving in corruption activities.” This was stated by Wajid Ali Khan Durrani, Director General NAB Sindh during his visit to KCCI.

He exchanged views on mutual interest with its President Muhammad Haroon Agar. Wajid Ali Khan further added that NAB is committed to control and prevent white collar crimes and all forms of corrupt practices. Cases of over 5 Crore are handled by NAB and below 5 Crore are referred to Anti-Corruption Department and Federal Investigation Agency.

He apprised that NAB is operating on a three-pronged strategy vis-à-vis creating Awareness to refrain from corruption, Prevention of corrupt practices and in case of corruption occurrence enforcement of NAB law which is followed by Inquires, Investigation and Prosecution in the Court of Law.

Wajid Durrani, referring 2 cases of Steel Mill and containers case, stated that NAB was inquiring from some members of the business community. Recalling the case identified by Federal Tax Ombudsman he apprised that 7922 Afghanistan-bound transit containers were missing. With this affirmative action and NABs well-founded inquiry, a large number of business community members were saved from baseless acquisition by the probe committee. So far notices were issued by NAB to the businessmen having direct or indirect indulgence with those 7922 containers. DG NAB Sindh reinstated the fact that NAB believes to provide a fair and proper chance to the accused businessmen to clarify their positions and plead in the court. The NAB will ensure compliance of instructions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to hold inquiries, take statements and file reference in the court accordingly. However, “transparency is ensured at every level to cause no injustice to the business community”, he maintained.

Earlier, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s President Muhammad Haroon Agar welcomed Wajid Ali Khan Durrani, Regional Director General, National Accountability Bureau of Sindh and briefed him about the role of KCCI in the socio-economic development of Pakistan and promotion of trade and industry.

Haroon Agar highlighted that KCCI believes in reciprocating to the Nation and supports fair and honest business practices only. He referred that according to a report of World Bank every year around Rs 800 billion are vanished in tax eroding/ evasion whereas all the members of KCCI are registered tax-payers. He conveyed the contentions of the business and industrial community that there must be no discrimination in respect of corruption whether it is done by any bureaucrat/ civil servants, politicians or any member of the business community.

He said that corrupt and unscrupulous elements are present in all the segments of the society and the KCCI doesn’t support the dishonest businessmen, however, the honest persons must not be unlawfully harassed and penalized.

He gave example that when any registered tax-payer is found in any short-coming he is served notices by government departments but when it comes to curb the corruption in the governmental departments and its officials, the Governmental machinery goes slow or undone. He urged to evolve just and fair mechanism and equal treatment of corrupt elements in both the public and private sector.

One Ex-Finance Minister told in the media that every year due to corruption in FBR around Rs 350 to Rs 500 billion are disappeared and the honest tax-payers are penalized with illegitimate imposition to pay extra taxes, Why not NAB or Supreme Court takes suo-motto notice of this corruption? he questioned. He also expressed deep concern over “wide-shut eyes” of the government towards the “big-fishes” out of tax-net living luxurious life, having deluxe property and expensive automobiles who have also been identified by the FBR indicating NADRA’s data as the 700,000 persons who have not declared their real income and not paying their due taxes accordingly.

While inviting the attention of concerned quarters, President KCCI questioned why Government instead of taking appropriate action as per law of land is offering the anti-social elements amnesty schemes to white their black monies? He voiced that quantum of smuggling under Afghan Transit Trade is more than $ 100 billion which of course cannot be done without the support of corrupt government officials.

The two-edge sword must not be hanged before the business community only and the corrupt elements in the governmental departments must be not exempted, he demanded. The KCCI supports NAB in ensuring transparency and fairness and urged to set examples of those involved in corruption due to discretionary powers or by other illegal means, he concluded.

Former President Majyd Aziz, Senior Vice President Shamim Firpo, Vice President Nasir Mehmood and Managing Committee and General Body members of KCCI also participated in the meeting.

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