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Japan contributes $23 million to UNRWA

Bethlehem Japanese Ambassador for Palestinian Affairs and Representative of Japan to Palestine Takeshi Okubo signed an agreement on Friday with UNRWA CommissionerGeneral Pierre KrA�henbuhl, under which Japan will contribute $23 million to UN’s Palestine refugee agency.

A UNRWA statement said that $17.7 million of the contribution will go towards the Agency’s core programs of education, health care and improved living conditions for 5.4 million Palestine refugees across all five fields of UNRWA operation.

An additional $4.5 million will be used to improve the quality of UNRWA health services in the occupied Palestinian territory, Lebanon and Syria and another $800,000 will contribute to the education of Palestine refugee children affected by the conflict in Syria.

I’m also pleased to announce to you that the Government of Japan has decided to provide supplementary budget for a new assistance of about $ 23 million to UNRWA, said Ambassador Okubo.

“We are determined more than ever to send a message to Palestine refugees through the assistance that: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Japan will be there with you. At a time when UNRWA suffers from the financial crisis since last year, and especially Gaza is experiencing humanitarian crisis. With this new assistance, the total value of Japanese assistance to the Palestinian people will exceed US1.9 billion since 1993, he added.

CommissionerGeneral KrA�henbuhl expressed his deep gratitude and recognition of the sustained support that Japan has extended to UNRWA over the years.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support provided by Japan and deeply impressed by the strength of the country’s commitment to our work. This substantial contribution so early in the year protects our service delivery and provides assurance to Palestine refugees. It also represents a contribution towards stability for Palestine refugees and the Middle East region, he said.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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